How I Became Me (The Child-Raising Experiment)…

I am a scientist. That’s right. I have to come to the awe-ful (not awful) conclusion that within the next few years or even months of my life, that’s going to be my final job description. Of course when I was young and all, I used to run lines in my mind as how would I describe myself to people.

I mean…I was young and like everyone else, I wanted to be a lot of things…and mind you I could be any damn thing I wanted to. But yeah in the end as a 10 year old child, I stood up, walked to my parents and said as a child.

I want to change the world.

That’s nice. But how will you do so when at the rate you’re going you’ll be a school dropout? Now Mama’s busy with the stock market at the moment.

Then I’ll be the smartest person in the world. I’ll be a scientist!!

Ok fine maybe the rest of my life wasn’t really decided in those 3 lines, but I swear to God that’s really about the gist of how I began to proclaim my career as a scientist. I mean I didn’t really have supportive parents anyway, but at least they weren’t against it or anything. With attitude like that in children nowadays, I’m lucky I didn’t succumb to the simple pleasures of crime or something like that. The conversation could have been a whole lot different.

I want to have everything in the world.

That’s nice. But how will you do so when at the rate you’re going you’ll be a school dropout? Now Mama’s busy with the stock market at the moment.

Then I’ll be the craftiest person in the world. I’ll be a thief!!

See? Really dangerous times to be having a parent like that. If it were up to me later in life, I’d at least give a damn about how my kids will turn out to be. Strictly in the science line. Doesn’t have to be what I do even if I would like my daughter to continue her dad’s legacy, but as long as she’s in the line that resolves to make a real difference in the world. I’d be happy with that. I can imagine the conversations with my 10 year old daughter going like this.

I want the world to be filled with flowers.

That’s nice. Tell you what honey, you beat me in trivial pursuit tonight and I’ll help you with that dream ok? Now let’s help daddy reconfigure his electron microscope.

Then I’ll beat you tonight daddy!! I’ll be a scientist just like you!! Umm…you forgot to calibrate the electron scanner daddy.

Ahh…cute kid and see…my mission accomplish and my kid is on her way to be a plant biotechnologist. Not like me, but close. Someday, she’ll probably post about this in her (slightly more popular) blog in her 20’s and will thus complete a cycle and probably start a new one for her kid’s future. All you have to do is be directionally supportive about what your kids want to be anyway. As far as I know…every kid even if they are not your child can surprise you.

You just have to watch out for them for the time being.

I want to have all the sex in the world.

Uh oh…time to worry.

7 thoughts on “How I Became Me (The Child-Raising Experiment)…

  1. Ah…the thing about parents particularly in Malaysia, aren’t aware of the kind of message they are directly giving their children. Saying that we’re picked up from the garbage can cause the child to think little of themselves and possibly develop major insecurities. Teling them that swallowing watermelons seeds may result in a watermelon plant growing out of their head may cause them to reject fruits all together. *sigh* parents…

  2. this is officially my fave post on ur blog. the wit! the humour! the honesty! hehe. good job…=)

  3. Doey: I think a lot of parents not just in Malaysia give their children that kinda insecurity.

    KLJS: Real life Sims? Hahaha…maybe…you’d never really know now won’t you?

    Jax: Thank you.

    Iblogme: When you watch a lot of TV and most of it involved people saving the world. You tend to get the same idea as well…both in its grandeur and infamy…:)

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