How I Like My Women

Have I mentioned before that I like a certain type of girl? I think I have. Either that or I thought I wrote about it then just gave up because the mood for writing something like that just passed me by. So if I haven’t put it down somewhere, I think I better put it down now before I forget about it.

I like my women with a sense of humour. Not the kind that would laugh for no reason, but the kind that would laugh for reasons you tend to spend your life trying to figure out…which in the long term is pretty funny when you think about it.

I like my women with a penchant for danger. Not the kind that continuously flirts on the edge of disaster never expecting the worse to happen, but the kind that knows exactly what they are getting into, those that have walked out, proudly bearing the scars of their near death experiences. Those that know that life’s too short to spend on one life changing moment at a time and that when things happen…we just have to be ready to get up and go even if the bones are sticking out from our legs.

I like my women with a killing edge. The kind that’s more likely to eat their partner whole. The kind that’s like a praying mantis and a black widow put together. Women are stronger than the men around them. Women who’d do what it takes to get things done when no one is around. Women who most men with frail ego’s find unnerving. It makes sense, better to be the right hand of a woman’s wrath than being in its way.

I like my women as geeks. The kind that always understated and overlooked for who they are. The kind that knows what they are doing. The kind that’s good at what their doing. More often than not, the kind that share the same kind of gross facination for all things abnormal because it’s just there and we’re too damn curious to pass it off. The kind that wears glasses…for some reason, that just drives me wild.

I like my women as who they are. Women who know what they are capable of doing and aren’t afraid to take a dive if they slip every once in a while. Those that know that life goes on. Those that know they they are too stubborn to let good things go. Those that know that somewhere along the lines there is always good in a world even when they put up with so much shit.

Somehow, I like those kinds of women. There isn’t a spider sense in my bone that somehow picks up all that when the time is right. It doesn’t mean I don’t like women that’s not my type, no. It just means I’m more likely to ask people like these out more so than those that I stay on as a good friend. It’s not that unnatural, it’s just only fair given the person that I am. Given circumstances, I know I’m not exactly your dating material too…doesn’t mean I’m not your best friend or closest confidante. You’re happy about it. I’m happy about it.

So since I have given it some thought. Just who is your type anyway?

4 thoughts on “How I Like My Women

  1. Wow, that’s quite a question! (And quite an answer you give it!) For me, I guess it’d go as follows.

    Physical: Someone the same height or taller than I am–preferably taller. I’m a fairly tall girl at 5’7/170cm. I like spiky hair, but it’s nowhere near a requirement. Physically, not much is a requirement. Though, not to be racist, I’ve never found myself attracted to someone outside of the white or Hispanic ethinicity; course, there’s always a chance, I guess.

    Emotional: I adore geeks, because, for the most part, I find them to be stable, reliable people, and that’s what I care about most in a person. I don’t trust easily, so having someone who keeps his word is a must.

    A good sense of humour is a requirement, and the word “good” may not accurately describe my kind of humour, as I’m quite perverse. (hahaha) I’m always saying I’ve got a guy’s mind in a female body. I don’t like it when people are too easily offended at what is obviously meant in a humourous manner. Very little is taboo to me when it comes to humour.

    Someone who will respect me and be committed. I don’t believe clingy relationships are a good thing; however, I want to know, without any doubt, that the person I’m with isn’t going to stray. This almost goes hand in hand with the stability I crave in a person. Keep your word, keep your commitments and promises. And don’t try to tell me you “didn’t mean to lie,” because intentions hardly matter at that point. Lying is lying is lying. Don’t lie to me, don’t disrespect me. I wouldn’t do it to the person I was with, so I don’t want them doing it to me.

    Someone who wants a family in time. Family and friends are #1 on my list. Everything else comes after. I want a strong, healthy family in time, and I want to be with someone who has the same ideal and is willing to work for it.

    Spiritually: Not too fussed. I’m pretty well agnostic, slightly a Deist. I grew up in a Christian family, however, so I can relate to many of the moral values found in some Christians. I could live peaceably with someone who was agnostic or Christian, providing moderate, logical thinking was involved in either. I don’t get along well with atheists, because I’ve yet to meet many (even among my atheist friends) who don’t work just as hard to “convert” me to their thinking as some radical Christians or other religious people do. I wouldn’t be able to handle that in a relationship.

    That’s my type. 🙂

  2. Wow, I didn’t expect anyone to reply to this let alone leave a long comment here. Too bad though…I fit everything except your physical requirements. Hehe. 🙂

  3. All women are beautiful. And all of them are definitely worthy to be loved and cared for. =)

    Polarity will work for me, i guess. I need someone who would be my exact opposite… so that the mystery will forever be there. Come to think of it, how could two couples be so totally different? And yet those differences make them totally perfect for each other? Anyway… if im the north pole, I think i’ve definitely found my south pole. =)

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