How Malaysians Stop Caring

For the past few days seeing that I have nothing to do other than debugging my blog layout and blogsurfing. I’ve come across a few random posts like here and here having people state their misgivings about some of the many bad things happening in my own country. All I have to say to my country after I read this is one thing only.

Did all of you have a frontal lobotomy that I didn’t know about?

Seriously, I actually lost count of how many times I have commented on the sheer catatonic stupidity and utter lack of foresight that some if not many of my country men and women have regarding anything. I don’t mind crapping around. I seriously don’t. If I had my way, I’d be spending some late nights at a Mamak stall just talking the night away about absolutely nothing at all.

Then again, there is a limit to everything.

When I look at my country and read things like bridges that break apart or rapes of young girls and then look what a lot of Malaysians are proud of in our country and what they do in their lives every day. I’d have to wonder about one thing.

Where the hell is our country going?

I mean you know I wrote about this before regarding the fact that our country churns out mindless drones. Then again…what happens when the people who tell us what to do for our daily lives…are gone?

Would the next time I set foot in Malaysia be akin to being in a scene from Dante’s Inferno? As cool as that may sound, I seriously doubt I want to see the city I was raised in, a pile broken buildings and fiery pillars. How many times do I have repeat myself until I’m heard? I have said it time and time and time again. Bad things happen when we’re all too blind and too self-absorbed on non-sensical things to bother about knowing:

  1. What goes on out there
  2. How would it happen.
  3. What can we do to stop it.

These things are just not the kind of questions that most Malaysians would bother to ask ourselves. It just seems that nightly Mamak sessions aren’t confined to nights…it occurs around the clock as well. The only answer a lot of you pull out of the hat is that sickening sentence that states:

Why should I give a damn? I’ve got to take care of myself first.

It isn’t that blind apathy that sickens me to the core. I may seem to care a lot…but I was raised in the side of the city across the picket fence. Trust me, I’ve seen enough things in my life to be as apathic about a lot of things that would still make a lot of you feel violently ill. The thing that sickens me the most is the ignorant irresponsibility that most Malaysians seem to have.

That’s right…there is a difference in not feeling about anything one way or another and doing what needs to be done. For the love of God…countries aren’t built by whoever is running them even a system as simple as Project Petaling Street isn’t defined by the person who manually contols the site, its defined through all the people who ping it and give it life.

So what more a country?

Our country.

If you’re only going to sit around feeling apathic and caring about the “fun” things waiting for very very bad things to happen to us then bitch and whine about how and why things like that could have happened…seriously speaking I have only one thing to say.

You are the cause of the problem.

You, the people who care about things that should matter like Canny Ong or Jeff Ooi only AFTER they happen and only for an average span of 2 months before forgetting that it even existed.

You, the people who drone on about your daily lives seemingly oblivious and consciously ignorant about things that happen around the world because it doesn’t directly concern us…until we realise too late we’re part of that world and it affects us too.

You, the people who are too self indulgent and overhyped on casual entertainment to even bother let alone be aware about what we should really be doing to fix the growing unstable cesspool of our socio-economic develomental byproducts (or in english, the more we grow as a developing nation, the more problems and complications we are going to get).

All I can try to do for my country is to bring back a piece of awareness about the world we live in and share that knowledge with other people with the hopes that something CAN be done about things before they happen. All I can do is try to the best of my abilities to stop all the things I have said will happen from happening. Yet after all this…all I can do is stand fast and keep being ridiculed by other people for proposing things that need to be done.

All I can do is stand in silent horror and watch as bad dreams become real nightmares.

I know I may be wasting my breathe on this but…

We all have a responsibility not just to ourselves but to the each other. We all have a responsibility beyond ourselves to commit to our country, our people, our friends, our family and our loved ones. This isn’t about being an adult or a patriot or anything. This is about being a human being. One that lives in a society they are supposed to call their own. We are part of it and it is part of us. We can’t pretend not to care when it gets convienient for us to do so while we still live in it. It’ll still happen one way or another.

Please for whatever is worth…even if you are apathic about life.

Be responsible for what you are and not just who you are.

Not just a person in your world.

But as the people who defines Malaysia.

(Updated Note: This post isn’t about people blogging what they want to blog. This post is about responsibilities we all share as a community in a country.)

9 thoughts on “How Malaysians Stop Caring

  1. there may be people who are apathetic to the problems of the world, but there are also people who do give a damn, and those people are doing their best to make others care as well.

    you’re already doing your part and that’s great, but just because not everyone goes around writing posts like this doesn’t mean they don’t take note and ask the essential questions like you do.

    you might not agree, but i think most of your readers already care…or else why would they even bother reading?

    i don’t get the bit about mamak sessions because as far as i know, mamak sessions are the best times to get people thinking about the issues that matter. goodness knows how many times my friends and i have yakked about serious stuff and made conscious changes to our lives, however little, over teh tarik and maggi mee goreng.

    what malaysians need is not more bashing about our ignorance and apathy…what we need is encouragement to change ourselves for the country’s sake.

    to me, this entry has served no purpose other than insult those who care and turn off those who might have considered giving more thought to the problems of our country.

  2. Oh don’t misunderstand me Jax…this isn’t about bloggers. This is just my pent up frustration when it comes to reading posts after posts of the bad things that do occur in Malaysia time and time again and people wondering why it happened. 🙂

    As much as I try to encourage…I just can’t help but feel frustrated that some encouragements seem to fall on deaf ears. I’m sure people give a damn…I know there are. It’s just that little majority that doesn’t appear to do anything.

    I just think if more people did try and exact responsibilities, then some things could have been avoided. I’m not saying we have to be super people like some people are assuming, I’m just saying that things would be easier if we all worked together not just with each other to watch out for things with a little more…foresight.

    It’s a pretty silly utopian ideal I know….doesn’t mean you can’t try your best to make it happen right? 🙂

  3. u only think that i thought that you were talking about bloggers. as usual.

    thanks for informing me about dusty.

  4. Well…this is a really touchy post itself. You didn’t really have to relate it in the holier-than-though perspective you know. Other people have written the same things to begin with. How would mine be any different?

  5. and err yeah, it wasn’t my intention to come across as thinking you’re taking the piss out of bloggers either. it’s not about bloggers.

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