How Not To Start Writing A Book

“Why don’t you write a book?”

“Cause a single blank page doesn’t really make a book.”

For as long as people have known me to write, I have known people who say that I should write a book. I think it’s a great idea to write a book. I also think it’s a bad idea for me to write a book.


For one I don’t think self styled perfectionists with a twisted sense of what’s perfect for them should ever start writing a book. Two, I don’t think someone who’s both mildly dyslexic with less than impeccable grammar should write anything more than just what you can read in 5 minutes. Lastly, I should think that if you have nothing better to write about, reading a book would be a better choice rather than writing one. I mean, why else would people like me blog? Because we have something to say? I think not.

Then again, if I look back on what I’ve done with my life and what I see in it, there are a lot of things I could write about in a book. Stories I could be inspired to tell. Inspiration that I could pass down to the masses. Methods and techniques that I think people should have a right to know. There are a million and one things I could put down and maybe that is the problem.

A book isn’t about the million and one points that you have. It’s always about that single point. A single plot. A single perception. A single method to the madness. If I have problems trying to elaborate a single point on a well conceived idea on a single post, what makes me think I can actually handle the many pages of a book? That kind of skill I don’t have, neither do I have anyone to pass those skills on to me.

Unfortunately, that’s the kind of skill I do need, especially in the near future when publishing your own thesis happens to be part of your life. I can’t afford to live under the excuse that “I can’t do” it any longer because I have to one way or another. So who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be empowered enough to sit down and start writing a book that has nothing to do with my career.

That day however, isn’t today. It isn’t tomorrow. It isn’t even this year. At least I’ve considered it and I’m telling you now that the time is not right. That’s a whole lot better than starting something you know you can’t finish, or worse…not meant to be started at all.

4 thoughts on “How Not To Start Writing A Book

  1. Instead of writing a full-length 300 page or therabouts book, why not just create a small series? Just a series of small books that could contain four or five of your shorter entries that mean sometimes.

    Like, Edrei on the go? :3

  2. Congratulations! In these mad days of overwhelm it’s nice to see someone with the courage to cross something OFF the to-do list! More Power to ya…


  3. You make some good points… You should write a book! – hehe
    I still wanna write a book, a screenplay and a documentary… I have always wanted to do things that apparently I can’t do.
    Is it possible to go through a mid life crisis at 28 y.o ?

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