How To Be A Cult Leader

“You’re very good at brainwashing people.”


“No, whatever you say, people will always feel good about it. People will always listen to you.”

“Isn’t that sweet-talking, not brain-washing?”

“Isn’t that the same thing?”

I would love to say that conversations like that are but isolated events discussing my apparent ability to influence people’s thoughts and actions with my words, but they aren’t, and that baffles the hell out of me.

What I cannot understand is that for the longest time, I always had the impression that people never listen to what I say. For the longest time, it would always come down to me telling people “I told you so” and it’s come to a point where I’m tired of repeating it over and over again. How could I believe that I have the ability to influence people when they end up making the mistakes that I’ve warned them not to do? That much I cannot comprehend.

But let’s say I do have that ability to become a cult of personality. Let’s say I have the words that would make anyone follow me till the ends of the Earth thinking that it’s their choice. Me being a cult leader would be fun. I mean, I’m not going to start those creepy doomsday cults where everyone dies right before the feds storm my mansion. Don’t let me get started on Scientology either. No, far from those hokey worships. If I was a cult leader, I’d start with these few dogmas that every follower must adhere to.

  1. You must believe that humanity is worth saving – Sure the world is going to end by its own hand, but if you don’t do something to help your fellow unbelievers out, you might as well sit out there and welcome the end in itself. The good fight is in making sure there is hope, even if you have to die trying.
  2. You must be responsible for the actions of your fellow followers – Every single action carries with it consequences.Some affects only ourselves, most affects everyone around us. It is the duty for everyone to take care of not just their own well-being, but the well-being of everyone around them. Do no harm to yourself, lest it does harm to others. Do good to yourself and everyone else benefits as well.
  3. You must believe in the wealth and power of information – Information is the source of power. It can be traded. It can be used. The more information you have over others, the more powerful you can be, both as an organization or as an enlightened individual. Seek the source of truth and the truth will give you more strengths beyond anything you could grasp in the lone cold dark.
  4. You must believe in the fight – War never changes and no strength is recognized without conflict. You must be prepared to fight. Whether by physical means or with a higher purpose of the mind, being ready to fight until the end will tell you just how strong you are and what you need to prepare for the final war. To know how to fight isn’t in knowing how to win, it’s in understanding when to stop. To understand it, you have to face it, whatever the bloody outcome is.

You know, I could go on and on about this, but if I really start buying into my own cult, I might actually go ahead and start one. Of course though, all of it rests with the ability for me to project my influence over others and that we all know isn’t true. Whatever abilities I have, it doesn’t take much to tell or remind people of what they already have in themselves.

So maybe that’s what I am. Not a cult figure, just someone who tells people the obvious things that everyone seems to overlook. If I had less of a conscience, I could pass it off as a great ability that would buy me followers, but I still have some common sense left in me. That itself is something worth looking into, at least not as someone who commands the loyalty of the masses, but as a friend who knows how to say the right words at the right place at the right time. Maybe then, that’s all that matters.

More so than a sweet talking cult leader.

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