How To Build Your Own Panic Room

We never think of it until it hits us but a home break-in is something you definitely don’t want happening to you no matter where you are. In any case, it’s always best to protect yourself should that worst thing happen to you. It doesn’t matter if your goods are burgled, what matters is that you or your family remain safe until the crisis is over.

That’s why there are such things called a panic room.

For those of you who don’t know and haven’t yet watched the movie with the same name, a panic room is basically a room where you lock yourself into in the event of a break in and keeps you safe from any intruders. It’s basically a safe for humans.

Unfortunately since it’s basically a safe for humans, it’s going to cost you the same amout of price to keep humans in it. So usually it’s the rich and privilaged that have the ability to build such a room…after all, they are usually the ones being targeted in the first place. However, why should anyone be left unprotected because they don’t have enough money?

It just isn’t fair for us middle class people.

So…inspired from this site and this movie, behold the future of panic rooms you can afford.

Look At All Those LinesThat’s right…with a new Sub-Zero fridge, you can keep those nasty intruders from getting their hands on you or harming your family members. I’m just surprised that no one even thought of it. Here are the pros and cons of using this fridge as a panic room for your own home.


  1. It is bullet proof (as demonstrated in Mr and Mrs Smith).
  2. You will not go hungry even if it takes a long time for the intruders to burgle you house.
  3. It’s large enough for two adults and a kid.
  4. In the tropical heat, you can experience temperate climates.


  1. It can get a little too chilly in there after a while.
  2. You’re screwed if the intruders get hungry.
  3. Having more than one kid can be a problem.

So there we have it. Safety for you and your family and for a fraction of the cost it would take to make a real panic room. No longer would you have to live in fear of your lives in this age where break-ins are a common occurrence. Now all you have to do is pop into your home appliance store and ask for one of those babies.

Instant security.

After all…why put a price on the safety of your family?

The least you can do is to make sure no harm comes to them.

That makes the most sense.

7 thoughts on “How To Build Your Own Panic Room

  1. Hmm…interesting. I’ve yet to watch the movie to see what this baby can do. eerr…anyone gamed to watch it with me? =)

  2. I have a panic room in the event of intruders. It is bulletproof and can only be opened from the inside but it’s not for me. It’s for the intruder when I catch them in my house and I chase them with my AR-15 with an acog scope for added accuracy.
    In that panic room is a phone with no dial pad, you just pick it up and it connects the intruder directly to 911.

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