I Am Back

I am back.

Back from a conference that was charged up and exciting.

Back from a conference that was also catatonically boring.

Back from an alien city I’m strangely used to.

Back to a town I have to call my own home.

Back in a bus full of crazy people I can get along with.

Back with the same plan to keep doing what I have always been doing.

Back to a bed and to Sarah with a tired body.

Back to my blog and the social life I live with online.

Back from Sydney with some damn good memories.

But I’ll be back there again.

Maybe this time…back there for good.

4 thoughts on “I Am Back

  1. Damn right. I might actually have a good job opportinuty there.

    We’ll see though. Given the circumstances. We’ll see.

  2. moving to sydney? its so expensive 😛 i’ll stay put in perth. plus there are good job opportunities here as well. with pretty good pay 😛

  3. I might move to Sydney. Yeah I realised it is expensive, then again…knowing myself, I can find the most thriftiest places to live and just survive enough if I have my net and other stuff.

    It’s just something to really consider. At least I have options right? 🙂

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