I Am Not A Lady…

Throughout my life, I have been a pretty soft guy. I admit that. I mean, with the exception of me being extremely pissed and vindictive about things in life, the only things I’m really outspoken for are the things I truly believe in. Then again, sometimes you got to rethink how far you actually are softspoken for a guy when conversations you have with people turn up like this.

(michaelooi): i know
(michaelooi): i guessed it was you
(michaelooi): and you’re a lady
(michaelooi): but lilian thought you’re a guy
(kamigoroshi): ummm…i AM a guy..
(kamigoroshi): what the hell?
(michaelooi): ooh
(michaelooi): ok

You see at this point, I was right to go “What the hell…?” because its one thing when girls begin to really trust you quite easily enough to share their personal thoughts. It’s another thing when other guys think you’re a girl easily enough to point it out that casually. I mean…I don’t mind being mistaken for being gay…I have had that enough in my life tobe used to it, at least being mistaken for a gay man, people will still know you have a little guy hanging down between your legs that wake up every once in a while to see how things are doing. But being flat out thought of as a girl…

Something is seriously wrong here.

So as the scientist I am, I went ahead and conducted my own experiment to see whether I can really be mistaken for a woman online.

Edrei’s Gender Determining Experiment:

Test Subject: Edrei’s blog posts.
Method of Analysis: Gender Geanie

Now the gender geanie is a system that uses certain algorithms based on keywords we use to determine the gender of posts. This has been publishd in Nature magazine which is a respectable science journal that I usually read so it’s not really one of those crackpot tests you see online. Now I selected a total of 10 random posts from my blog and this is what I came up with.

Male: 8
Female: 2

– End Experiment –

So there we have it, even IF for some reason some of my posts may show female qualities on them, there is no reason for anyone to think I am a woman. I don’t even have a clue why you said I write like a woman. I mean…this is science and science proved that I’m a guy…well…80% random posts proved that I’m a guy. But yeah…it’s still large enough to know I’m definitely a guy (no pun intended).

So really…I just need to ask those of you who actually do take interest in what I write.


My writing can’t possibly be mistaken for a girl right?

I really need to know this.


21 thoughts on “I Am Not A Lady…

  1. Yo bro. I’d drop in from time to time.

    You may not sound like a girl. And you’re definitely a guy. But a wimp can also be a guy.

    I put off reading your blog regularly ‘coz I can’t bear being depressed by it! In fact, the moment I start reminiscing about my ex-s (not very often), I’d read your blog just to remind myself there are other guys sillier than me.

    (I’m assuming brutal honesty is required here?)

    All that aside, you write well.

  2. Well…then I guess I have to be a little bit more humourous about the things in life no matter how depressing it is eh?

  3. You don’t *have* to be humorous all the time. But a *range* of emotions would go a long way to showing you’re a stronger human being (as opposed to being an automated ‘wimp’).

    And I’m completely ignoring your gender, ‘coz that ain’t at issue here.

    Let me put it this way: if you feel depressed, by all means express it. But at the same time, you can also ask yourself, “do I really *need* to *stay* depressed?”

    BTW, the Gender Genie thinks the author of this comment is Male!
    I figure I’m more like Doctor Phil than Oprah! LOL

  4. That’s what blogging is for isn’t it? Strong or not, it’s still who I am. How I face things with what I have got. If putting how I feel here in my blog automatically puts me as a wimp then I guess that’s the way you see it then. You said it yourself that you don’t read my posts all the time and there are always ups and downs to my posts.

    Right place at the right time for you I guess.

    What I write is a reflection of what I’m thinking and sometimes there is more to things than just what goes on the moment. It’s just the right place at the right time.

  5. don’t know whether or not you sound a girl but you sure as hell don’t write like one.

    btw, i don’t see your writing as wimpy. i one way or another, i do connect to your writing.

  6. Hey.. I thought you were a girl all this while! Oh no, I got cheated!!
    just kidding dude. you don’t write like a girl and you don’t chat like girl. That’s my 2 cents

  7. sad to say, u do sound like a gal. no offence. hahaha

    hell that thing mistook me for a half most of the time. now this is ur cue to get worried. hahah

  8. So whats so bad about being a girl? I know several guys (with a hangy down) who rather be taken as a girl rather than the way life disgraced them. I myself spend at least 50% of my life on the femme side and get a thrill out of it. As for work, I am self-employed and work at home, so theres no prob there. If your not a girl, give it a whirl, might decide it fits better than the life you are living now.



  9. I never said anything was wrong being a girl, its just that being the person I am, its always best to be as accurate as possible and not draw any grey area between what matters.

    It just doesn’t feel right to be something you’re not let alone try to be something you’re not.

  10. ehem..is your experiment randomized, double-blind, place-controlled?
    how significant is your p-value?


  11. you? a girl? nooooo…! girls do NOT talk like the way you do. you do NOT sound like a girl. but then that’s maybe cuz for me, your nick gave your sex away. come on. which girl would call herself “kamigoroshi”? and which girl would be writing about…girls??? ok if based on writing style alone…you still don’t sound like a girl. weird. why would people think you’re a girl???

  12. I know girls that call themselves names like mine and talk about other girls. Don’t forget Jax…you don’t exactly read all my posts too remember?

  13. I wrote a bit of blurbs and tried the thing, and it said I write 0 female and 10 male. Excuuuuuse me?

  14. Ainaa: Hehehe…well..its a 500 word minimum for it to work properly. Maybe it’s a fluke of keywords thats all.

    Jo: Well…at least I’d have your company with me all the time eh?

    Ivan: Maybe I don’t sound like a girl to most guys. It’s the whole defensive mechanism thing. 🙂

  15. i am ALWAYS mistaken as the other sex. no thanks to my girly nickname of course. maybe i should change it to, Sew “GuyManMaleMuscularFart” Jin.

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