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Being that I write a personal blog about my life and thoughts, defining the person that I am is never a permanent thing. Life after all is about a fluidic transition between who we are and what we will become. More often than not, we never notice the changes in ourselves, only realizing the effects created through our actions.

Taking that into consideration, two years ago I came across a meme that set to define not the person that you are, but the things that made you the person that you are. Two years ago is a long time for a person to change and I thought given everything I’ve become right now, I’d give it a little update. So here we are:

I was that baby with two different birth certificates.

I was that baby who couldn’t tell my mother and my aunts apart.

I was that boy who always played by himself because he was always alone.

I was that boy who brought his toy guns to kindergarten because he felt cooler.

I was that boy who made universes out of his Lego and Lasy block sets.

I was that boy who grew up reading science, medical and philosophy books at home because his parents didn’t bother him with Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton.

I was that boy who understood things better from pictures because he was dyslexic.

I was that boy you beat up because I was better than you in class and you didn’t like it.

I was that boy whose heart you broke when you turned me down in favour of the people that would rather use me to get to you.

I was that boy who knew how to end it all but didn’t in favour for a promise he made to the people he would later protect.

I was that boy nobody liked in school because he was too different for any group to take him in as a friend.

I was that boy who found out just how popular really he was with the girls after he left high school.

I was that boy who broke up with you because I didn’t like the person you were slowly becoming.

I was that friend that made a promise to your mother after your funeral that I would do everything in my power to see that what you went through would not happen again to other people.

I was that boy who couldn’t stand to see you cry enough that I couldn’t say no.

I was that ex that ended it too late.

I was that boy you gave his first penguin to.

I was that boyfriend who found the only person in his life that would forever be his soulmate.

I was that boyfriend who lost the only person in his life that would forever be his soulmate.

I was that boy that took one step forward into another foreign country and never looked back.

I was that friend who carried you to the shower to vomit and clean up that mess you made on my bed after that.

I was that friend who never took advantage of you no matter how drunk you were.

I was that boy who found himself believing in second chances he couldn’t possibly deserve.

I was that boy who made a life altering decision to continue with another degree in less than 5 minutes.

I am that boy who moved in with you from the moment we started dating.

I am that boy who learnt that love isn’t what makes a relationship, the reason for keeping one does.

I am that ex who decided that he would always keep a piece of you in his heart no matter who he loved.

I am that boy who made his writing become the expression of his passion and his obsessions.

I am that boyfriend who held a large part of himself back because he promised you that lines you drew would not be crossed until the right moment even if you asked for it.

I am the boyfriend who shares with you Sunday morning brunch on the veranda almost every other week.

I am that boy who would let you go if it came to choosing between your dreams and the ambition that is his reason to survive.

I am that boy and still will be that boy who would never wants to grow old and who forever wants to grow up in a world never kind to its underdogs.

I am that boy that will never stop fighting for what he believes in. That boy that will never quit as long as there are promises left to keep. That boy that will stand by his dreams and carve a reality out of them. That boy, that friend, that lover who will always be who he is. Who will always be driven by what he has seen.

I am that boy and that boy is me.

If you want, you can read the previous meme that I wrote two years ago to know more things about me that even I didn’t know until I wrote and reread that.

10 thoughts on “I Am That Boy Who Blogs

  1. This is actually a meme written a long long time ago. I think it’s a pretty good idea to resurrect it. If anyone would like to take it. Feel free to go ahead and do it for yourself. It’s worth the try to look back at yourself and see how far you’ve gone.

  2. That was a deep meme. I’m a subscriber to your blog and I just had to comment on this post. 🙂 I will have to reanalyze my life to come up with the answers to this kind of meme. Thanks for this post.

  3. Fida: Yup. First penguin.

    Jane: Thank you for your comment, I appreciate that. Yeah, this meme is well worth the thought when I first did it. It’s nice to know what made you who you are is…well…who you are. I hope you comment again. 🙂

  4. Perhaps…Perhaps I should do one. It is an interesting concept to self analyse. Perhaps I should not do one on the grounds I may just scare myself? Either way I will probably end up doing one anyway just because I can!

  5. Tracy: Yes you should. You definitely should.

    Veronique: Why don’t you do it as well. You might be surprised on what you might find in yourself.

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