I Didn’t Know You Could Do That

Sometimes surprises can be a good thing. Apparently one of my posts has become a reference to someone else’s college term paper. And I thought the comments and counter-posts were good enough, now it’s quoted in a paper that’s academically graded?

Should I be flattered or frightened? Hell, I’m surprised you can actually quote a blog in a college paper to begin with, more so whatever I wrote. But who am I kidding? I’m a narcissistic self expressed blogger. Of couse I’m flattered. Who wouldn’t?

If you got the time though, drop by her post and read what she wrote. Wouldn’t hurt to leave a comment or two though I would think she would be pretty tired of reediting her paper again in case we give her better ideas. Still a nice touch to it (This is me still feeling flattered).

Anyway, good luck on that paper Sarah.

6 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know You Could Do That

  1. In this context, it’s fine to quote a weblog but I’d have suggested that she bulk it up further with more offline sources.

  2. she didn’t reference properly. here in my college, that’s a demerit.

    *bitchy bitchy*


  3. hei there! well, i would be flattered as well if anyone actually did that for me.

    but yea, credibility of the source is yet another thing. And as far as weblogs go, no offence alrite edrei? I just don’t think they’re good sources of reference, especially since it’s just private and personal gestations of the blog owner, unless the posts have been factually backed up with solid, sound reasoning and cross-referencing in its own right.

    Anyways, just my 2 cents. Enjoy yourself. =)


  4. When they are supposed to be peer journals and all that, yeah I agree, blogs aren’t the best source of reference. Then again, her paper is about blogs. Whether its good or not to have me as a source, I have no idea, that’s why it’s scary. But information has to start somewhere right?

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