I Have A Crush On…Who?

I do not have a crush on her.

I may have a lot of things to do with her. I may like her as a friend. I may fight with her as a friend. I may know a lot of her secrets. I may listen to her a lot. I have find her annoying. I may have a crush on her.

But I am not a porn star.

I have a huge crush on her instead.

Note: I wonder is anyone got the Simpsons reference in there.

8 thoughts on “I Have A Crush On…Who?

  1. aiyoo!! why lar so exciting n ming boggling!!! suspense lar….

    who is this lucky woman? 🙂

  2. wei, how can? you have a crush on someone n u shoud b the lucky one? kenot la liddat.

    aik, dd knows???? humph….

  3. why not??? i think u are interesting n have a LOT of tricks up ur sleeve. *cheeky grin* 😀

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