I Resolve To Have More Resolve…

It’s less than a week before the year is out and I just realised that I almost forgot one important thing. It’s time to start thinking of the most sacred traditions that ever passed us by at the start of the new year. Ok maybe sacred is pushing it a bit too far, but hey…to me…it’s important anyway. Without a doubt…

How could anyone go one without a New Year’s Resolution?

First thing first…let’s look back at THIS year’s resolutions and see if I’ve actually finished them or not.

  1. Have a little more control on my quick temper especially towards the ones I love.
    Well…I’ve got the testimonial from Ju who knows me best saying that I actually HAVE mellowed down and wonders where the real me went.
  2. Be a little less forgetful.
    Well…I haven’t forgotten the worse parts of my life and I do remember the little things that people have said.
  3. Slow less remorse and mercy for suffering fools.
    Have done much and never looked back.
  4. Earn money by writing.
    Last one on the list to be ticked off. Working as a content writer for a local teen community site.
  5. Strengthen my stomach muscles and lose the remaining fat around the waist.
    I have gotten thinner upon closer examination. Plus I lost weight so that is a success anyway.
  6. Master the art of deceptive body language.
    I almost fooled Ju…who is the absolute master herself. So that’s a good thing.
  7. Reach out or at least act like I’m reaching out to people in order to form closer social bonds.
    To a point where I’m actually scolded by my parents for going out too much and spending too much time on the phone.
  8. Solidify my power base in the scientific community by establishing credible front and a strong control over deciding actors by whatever means necessary.
    Lecturers are very friendly when you set out to have high ambitions. I guess they are looking for that and I made the cut.

So there we have it. All resolutions done. Considering what I’ve been through this year, it’s amazing that I have had any done at all. Then again…all great ambitions have smaller doable goals. It makes sense anyway. I mean, after all…when you want to cross the Sahara, you don’t look at how far you have to go, you just look at whether you can step foward one foot at a time.

It’s easier to swollow the immense scope of your ordeal.

So now, I guess…I’d have to figure out another set of resolutions. Which is going to take me some time to do so…which I only have until the end of the week to figure out. But I’ll get there anyway. I’m sure I have lots of things to do so…might as well prioritise everything anyway.

Just as long as I don’t put down – Steal car to rob bank – as a resolution, I should be in the clear.

Though…I wonder if – Steal money to finance education – is a worthwhile cause.

Hmm…makes you think doesn’t it?

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