I Should Change My Name

  1. He reeks arrogance and superiority.
  2. He constantly takes painkillers.
  3. He’s brilliant yet never takes credit for his work unless forced to.
  4. He helps people because it’s the right thing to do.
  5. He screws ethics, puts the job first and deals with concequence when it comes.
  6. He has the Rubik’s Complex – he needs to solve every puzzle.
  7. He has a bleak and extremely objective outlook on life.
  8. He’s hard to reach and pushes people away with offensive sarcasm.
  9. He’s still in love with his ex.

Yeah, I could probably change my name though and be done with it. Damn…if only I’d get that infarction in the leg, then it would have been so uncanny. I guess 9 out of 10 similarities doesn’t make it the real thing. Makes it close to the real thing, but it doesn’t fool everyone…just most people. Then again that might be enough.

5 thoughts on “I Should Change My Name

  1. you don’t need to change your name to one of a monk who invented the calender, with the last name of a building you live in ler. you just need to hope there’s a girl with the name of a cool, tea-plantation area in malaysia to be there with you…haha. =)

  2. Actually it was the Eygyptians who probably came up with dates and a calender. I doubt I would like an Eygyptian name. But won’t that be the rage…it’s so non-comformist.

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