I Suck But I Also Lick

All this hate is toxic. Then again, as I always say, you can’t necessarily blame people. We all have our need to say something and well that’s what blogs have become, a place where we can say something…over and over and over again. There are of course limits to what you should be able to say but in this case the lines are not crossed…which is unfortunate for some.

Yes yes…we all know the world sucks and you seem to have become the authority on what sucks and what doesn’t…although you haven’t actually said what doesn’t suck, I’m sure by the end of it we’ll narrow them down by the exclusion of topics.

Of course you cannot deny that the almost pathological need to call onto anything that sucks is part of everyone’s nature to say anything they damn say, I think it’s pretty theraputic as toxic it can be to call to attention the things that do suck. It’s like how the chinese medicine is used to treat patients considering the fact that what they are giving them is in fact low doses of poison. Very interesting and very technical. I don’t think you need to know that.

What you do need to know is that it’s a good thing. Eventually everyone else would be immune to sucky things and then the world can move on without people whining about how bad the world is or how much it has done them wrong. The world would then be at peace…which would also mean that it would be a very boring place. Maybe it isn’t such a good idea after all.

I am in fact willing to admit I suck just in case I call attention to myself…just to save some people time. I’m sure they have better things to do. Yes I do suck…and I also lick and do all sorts of funny pelvic and hand movements in all sorts of positions in the very intimate company of very willing and attractive female counterparts. Hey…I may be a nice guy but I’m still a guy. Close female friends can testify to that no matter how much it has slipped their minds.

Again…what has this got to do with anything? Nothing at all. Absolutely nothing whatsoever but my need to blabber on about things that made no sense but to the people who are touched by it in many ways. Some touched in good ways. Some touching the sensitive nerve in a bad way. Others touched in naughty ways which I assume would be considered a good thing.

Other than that…ain’t blogs great?

4 thoughts on “I Suck But I Also Lick

  1. *rises an eyebrow*

    Yeah, I’m sure you lick very well and not to mention suck well at it too. 😉

    Ok, I’m in need of the toilet right now.

    *is wondering she’s touched in what way*

  2. you two need a goddamn room… :p lol….

    but, uh… there’s been a recent hoohaa about this new ‘You Suxors’ blog, pretty crazy. it’ll be interesting to figure out the mental processes that go on behind the people who post there and all the comments they receive.

    I wonder when the backlash will begin, actually :p

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