I Think I Killed The Dog

Despite the fact I am the domestic one in the relationship, responsibilities around the house were always shared. While I cooked, cleaned and otherwise fixed all sorts of things around the house. Mel would walk and feed the pets as well as the all important rent and bills. Now that she’s gone, It’s safe to say that whatever chores she’s used to doing has now passed over to me.

And I have no idea where to start.

First of all, I was never too good around money in the first place. Sure, I can tell roughly tell you how much I’ve spent throughout the week and how much I have in my savings account. But to keep track of not just my money but other people’s as well? Now there is a territory that’s completely new to me. Sure enough, there are instructions left behind somewhat detailing just who’s going to pay me what for the coming month, but making sense of it on the other hand. The secrets of quantum mechanics would sooner dawn to me long before I figure out a proper way to record the rent and bills down.

That being said, I think I got it right. I don’t care if I’ll be a few cents short of a dollar after this (both figuratively and literally speaking), but as long as the rent and bills are paid on time and everyone else has paid their share, I think it’s safe to say I’ll have handled it pretty well considering I have no idea what I’m doing to begin with.

Don’t get me started on the pets either. I’d like to ask you this. Why am I the one taking care of a pet that I don’t even want around and isn’t mine to begin with. The cat I can understand. It’s low maintenance. It walks itself and without much to begin with, it listens and understands what I want from it. The dog on the other hand. It’s feisty. It needs walks. It’s a spoilt pampered thing that I want to strangle because it can’t seem to shut up.

In all the 2 years I’ve known it. It’s technically been under Mel and my watch for that long a time. It wasn’t even mine to begin with. Both it’s former and current owners are somewhere else and they expect me to take care of it? I’d give it away it I had less of an ethical struggle and that line is slowly eroding away.

Just because the responsibilities you handle has doubled or even tripled, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the capabilities to over see them all. Especially not when you’re suddenly thrust into them. It’s suffice to say that people who have been reminding me that I’m not alone don’t realize that just because you’re here in spirit, doesn’t mean that you’re here to help me lift the burden of things that need to be physically done. I’m not that good that I can be 3 places at once, so don’t expect me to be.

So the next time I open the back door to find the dog stiff with rigor mortis and bloating up on the lawn, that’s a good indication that I’ve forgotten to feed the mutt. At least I know the cat can still find its own food given that it’ll probably be dancing around the dead dog’s corpse. I’m sure small oversights like that can be overlooked, especially if it saves you pet food in the long run.

Tell me I’m on the right track here will ya?

4 thoughts on “I Think I Killed The Dog

  1. You blog is cool and I love it.. Found yout blog from allMalaysiainfo.. Keep it up the good work. I should learn more from you.. ^^
    I’ve bookmark your site.. ;D

  2. Pat: Haha, well you know…all things must return to the ground. 🙂

    Curryegg: Well thank you. Do hope you come back for more to begin with. 🙂

  3. At least TorHai is out of ur hair now…. 🙂 How’s life mi amigo?

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