I Was Jesus Christ

It’s not everyday that you have vivid dreams that you were Jesus. It’s not everyday that you get to talk to Mary Madeleine who as I recall looked really good. Then again, when you do dream that you were the alleged son of God in his last few days, you have to ask yourself one thing, is it just a random dream or is it divine intervention?

I remember telling Mary Madeleine that my time is up. I remember telling her that I will be betrayed by one of my disciples and that his name was Judas. I remember telling her that my legacy will continue only to be twisted by my followers for wars in God’s name. I remember her holding me in comfort because even though I knew it would all come down to this, I was still scared. I remember it like it was yesterday. Wait a minute, technically it was last night.

Telling Mel who was brought up as a stern Protestant in the morning only provided this end of the conversation:

Me: I dreamed that I was Christ.
Mel: Riiight, sure you are.
Me: No really, I dreamed that it was the last days before I was caught and crucified.
Mel: If you were Jesus, that would change everything I would have ever believed in.
Me: Aren’t I doing that right now?
Mel: ….

Yet you got to admit, if I was a God fearing religious person, I would be taken aback by that dream thinking it’s some sign from God trying to tell me something. Then I would probably tell some congregation and blow it completely out of context and reaffirm everyone’s belief in the divinity of Christ. But since I’m a man of science with a really wild imagination that’s best left for unfinished fiction novels, all I have now that’s running through my head is the idea that I could be the second coming or at least play some part in it. How much of anything is true is best left for time to tell.

It would be cool though if I actually was the second coming? I mean it would signal the end of the world or you’re just plain crazy, but how cool would that sound at a dinner party?

3 thoughts on “I Was Jesus Christ

  1. ChickyBabe: Well…there was the intoxicating scent of Mel right beside me at the time. 🙂

    John: You were Jesus too? I guess in that sense, religious people would say he’s in all of us. 🙂

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