I Wrote Something. I Don’t Know What…

Over the course of a long while now I’m had many people ask me what line of work I am in. Naturally of course, I’m proud to state my soon-to-be occupation to them. Then for reasons which I deem natural, I get the blank stares that wonder what the hell I do anyway. Of course, me being me and rather than give a long winded explaination of genes and molecular biology, I just sum up my job in one sentence.

I play God and get paid.

Which got me thinking, there a shit lot of jobs out there that people take that no one has the slightest clue on what it may be, especially those involving the medical line. So I came up with list of jobs and the layman terms for it…just so to simplify things for once instead of complicating the hell out of things.

Edrei’s Job Description List:

Podiatrist – Professional foot care person
Pharmacists – Drug pusher
Occupational Therapist – Roll people around and get paid
Lawyer – Professional story teller
Politician – Intellectual prostitute
Tech Support – A person you call to tell you how to insert stuff & turn it on a lot.
Hardline Journalist – Professional snoop
Reviewer – Get paid to critisize others
Server Admin – God (or any other divine hand)
System Programmer – Professional technogeeks
Dentist – Respected professional sadist
Interrogator – Unrespected professional sadist
Prostitute – Professional stress reliever

Of course…being as drunk as I am right about now, writing and trying to remember what jobs do what isn’t exactly easy. So I think I’ll stop here. All I can say that if anyone else has a better idea…please…feel free to add on in. That is…if anyone actually READS this post.

So that being said…I think I’ll try and think up of more job descriptions. That way at least I can do something to pass the time with this really big headache of mine.

Being piss drunk and blogging is ridiculous.

But it sure as hell beats feeling down and out when you’re writing.

4 thoughts on “I Wrote Something. I Don’t Know What…

  1. Take that back…hahhaa….We OTs (or OTs to be) do not roll ppl over n get paid. we get thm to do work n we’re paid. now doesn’t tt sound much better? =P

    U better go sleep. Being blooming drunk isn’t good

  2. ~wandering oddly connected paths~
    Somehow I’ve gone through quizes to Techs and geeks to jobs and no am thinking of strippers. I wonder if strippers have quizes?
    I’m a stripper! gotta have one for that! lol no not that kind. One of my actual technical descriptions is stripper. But it would need a duel definition.


    Stripper ~ Paid nudist or Cut and Paste Artist

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