If I Had My Own Country

Everyone is trying to touch politics these days like a hot topic. As a rule I avoid it like the plague simply because I don’t pretend to know anything about it and I don’t want to constantly scrub myself to feel clean. Though in this case I am allowing myself to talk about it because there are things I don’t have to refer to an fortune teller to find out and given the obvious fact this is supposed to be funny, no one is going to take this any seriously than their own government.

Really though, if I had my own country, there are a few things I would really love to put down. Few of which are listed here:

  1. More funding to R&D areas and education. Information is ultimately power, the more you know the better off you are. Having generation after generation of people who know what they are talking about helps. Having generation after generation of people that can’t find the power button on their computer doesn’t.
  2. Separate religion from state. I know God is great and and all, but there is a line between logic and belief that I don’t want blurred. I also don’t want people hollering for a crusade down my streets. I like a good night’s sleep.
  3. Mandatory military service for everyone. More money to research and education means less money elsewhere. I think we can scratch the military on that part, but it doesn’t mean that we can be invaded by Haitian bellhops. It just means everyone is part of the defence force. Kinda like Switzerland, just that I don’t think we’re neutral or off to protect the Pope.
  4. No special privileges. This might not seem to be a big deal but there are places in the world where people get more because of their race or social status. Making sure this never happens again would mean that everyone earns what they work for. I don’t want the headache of having people whine about how they aren’t getting what they want when they don’t lift a finger up for it.
  5. The penguin as the national bird. It might not even exist in the country, but having creatures that are as magnificent as they are our future overlords says something…and it’s not that I’m crazy.

Now I’m pretty sure there is more to running a country than just five amendments. There are also the obscure laws like an optional nudist day once a year. The lawmakers may argue that it should be mandatory, but it isn’t that important in how the country runs. Either way, if I were to build my country from scratch, it’ll have to be built on the sense of responsibility towards not just the nation, but towards every individual citizen of that nation. Not exactly an easy feat, but I would think that running a country wasn’t meant to be done by simple people with simple minds.

It’s a wonder we’ve managed to survive this long.

8 thoughts on “If I Had My Own Country

  1. I agree with you on the list of five amendments. Completely. I swear.
    OK, penguins will be the national bird, so can turtles be the national reptile? LOL.

  2. Pelf: Isn’t there always one national animal in a country?

    Azmeen: Well, I don’t exactly have one all to myself. The kind that says I’m the head of it. 🙂

  3. What an interesting idea…There’s actually a few things you might like to know:
    1. Some countries actually mandate service to the government: You could either serve in the military, or serve as part of the government in a clerical/other non-military area. Germany does this, for one, and if the U.S wanted to do it, I would support it.

    2. Totally agree on the no special privileges schtick. Everyone assumes that all white people are middle-class and don’t need help, which of course means the white people that are as broke as the “minorities” basically get nothing for welfare, financial aid, etc.

    3.Yes, get religion away from the state! Those two do not belong together! (Religion is so dominating over poor State, lol)

  4. Somehow I knew the penguin thing would come in :p Err, what’s Malaysia’s national animal?

    I agree with axing special treatment for specific races. Less trouble that way.

  5. Can I come live in your country? You could take over NZ? I love the optional nudist day idea though…that made me smile

  6. J.T:
    1. Singapore does this too. So does Korea. It’s a nice idea. It helps build the future of the country while easing off a military force. Assuming that the country uses its own people as a defensive force rather than an offensive. It should work just fine.
    2. Racial benefits are often the downfall of the race itself. The more it’s pampered, the less likely the people are to work harder to get what they want.
    3. When belief superceeds logic as the primary factor for making decisions in a country. All goes to hell. Pardon the pun.

    Tine: Wouldn’t that be the mouse deer?

    Tracy: Now wouldn’t that be on the far end of the world. 🙂 It’ll give the term “south side” a whole new meaning.

    Pelf: Not before me first. 🙂

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