If Our Government Was Open Source

Seriously…think about it. It’s not a bad idea after all. Then again…I’ve been sitting here for the past 5 hours trying to think up of a list of possibilities if our goverment were to be an open source project to only come up with one conclusion.

I have NO idea how it would look like.


Because I’m a science geek.

I don’t know anything about that sort of politics that the governent seems capable of producing. I never cared for politics and the twisted games that come with it. I never cared for the current AP/NEP issue or the sort of attitude that my kinsmen have because…come on…if I had my way, it would really be equal share and I’d bitch slap anyone who thought they needed to have more than we already have.

All I care about is that there is money left in the budget for the rest of us to conduct our research projects on. All I care is that the distribution of information in the country is left wide open for people like to have the freedom to access. All I care is that my friends don’t get screwed over by a some blood-laws that have made me pretty much disliked during my days in primary and high school by people I regard as friends.

But I digress.

This was supposed to be a funny post.

I guess it shows how touchy things like that can be for people like me…someone who was born to inherit the things from those laws yet chooses to throw them away because he sees not value but the eventual end of the so called “Malay” race in those laws. That and the fact that I still can’t think of anything that relates open source and politics which is making me feel even more aggitated.

But I’m still musing anyway.

Maybe that’s another reason why I couldn’t care less for the politics in the country. Not that it’s messy to begin with. Not that it can corrupt the principles of even the most noble eggheads. But because it’s largely dominated by the very people that made my parents life and my life an absolute nightmare to begin with.

It’s MY people for God’s sake.

There is just no point in going through that again let alone immersing myself in a system that would give me a heart attack because it’s run by a bunch of people who have their heads so far up each other’s asses, I think they are all sharing one brain. It’s just so mind-boggling sometimes when I realise the sheer catatonic stupidity of what my kinsfolk the higher ups can decide on.

Again I’m digressing.

Thinking of the list….must think of the list.

Still, like it or not, I still have to get my hands dirty to know these things. If futures are to be changed then let’s try not to change it without knowing what’s going on in the first place. Lowly scientist I may be, but I didn’t take this job just for the glamour of knowing the truths of life. I took it to change something…anything for the better.

So maybe there is a point in me being a science geek.

Maybe it’s for me to look at things from the core root of the problem and try whatever you can to find the appropiate solution regardless. Maybe it’s to avoid being the problem myself and do something for those affected by it.

Maybe it’s to write a list of “What If The Government Was Open Source”.

Nyeh…there will be other days.

I hope it won’t be as troublesome as trying to write that damn list.

6 thoughts on “If Our Government Was Open Source

  1. Hmm…I am actually a “technie geek” by definition but I do care A LOT about the state of Malaysian politics. Perhaps I’m a unique species? Go figure 🙂

    – MENJ

  2. Haha…well…maybe not as unique as you might think. Thoughl…my first love was science to begin with anyway. I’m one of those science geeks who started out as a pure nerd. It’s a common class of its own. 🙂

  3. You could look at an area which you think OSS can improve the lifes of people. And then get in touch with ppl closes to the area, and try to pitch them the idea. Like for instance, you figured doing a CMS system for statewide exam papers is within you technical expertise. Make one that works. Show it to some teacher friends. Make it work in one school. If it works well enough, ppl are going to notice and who knows. The viral effect of OSS will take effect after people start noticing.

    Of course there will be politics along the way, like someone taking the exam papers from the CMS system and selling it outside, or someone would even want to sell the system itself instead of leaving it as a OSS system. So.. kesimpulannya kalau ada orang nak buat baik, mesti ada orang lain yang nak rosakkan idea itu. Akirnya takde sapa yang dapat apa-apa. yang tamak jadi lagi tamak, yang nak buat baik jadi papa kedana 🙁

  4. In any case, a government that comes close to being an OSS would be that of the Republics of ancient Greece and Rome.

    It’s either that or structured anarchy.

    I still have to think of that list.

  5. On the 1st week of one of our projects’ code repository going public, some wise guy decided to drop by and delete all our source code. ‘Twas not a pretty sight. So yep, as BawangMerah mentioned, there’s always bound to be the odd rotten egg to spoil the collective omelette of the people =P

  6. Yeah…but then there are always backups right? Imagine that fo a Government.

    Someone comes in and deletes the government due to “bad coding”.

    That would be something to laugh at.

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