Ill Eagle

Weak, lethargic, malaise and fever.

I’ve pushed this body far beyond what it can handle and there can be no complaints about it. Now it’s time to give it a rest. There are plenty more time to come after this, but there is no reason not to take the calm when it comes. It’s just another day gone by and tomorrow will be something else.

5 thoughts on “Ill Eagle

  1. Pat: Thanks.

    ChickyBabe: Ah well…there is always the ChickyBabe Alphabet Soup which somehow comes together for an interesting feed. 🙂

  2. There are always two schools of thought on every subject, this one is no different:

    1. Live every day like it is your last.
    2. Don’t try to live your whole life in one day.

    I subscribe to the second school of thought on this subject. Unfortunately, my wife thinks I subscribe a little too much and should get off my butt and do something!

    Have a good rest!

    By the way, I love the penguins!


  3. Well, I do try to get things done when I have the opportunity to since I like to bum around when I’m not in the mood for anything. It’s always “one more little thing to do”. I tend to forget that my body doesn’t like that. 🙂

    Penguins are always nice aren’t they. 🙂

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