I’m Back…

Thanks to something with my server, I was on an unofficial hiatus for almost a month. All I can say is…so much has happened within that time that I don’t know where to start even. So let me place it within a nutshell.

1. My host’s DNS went to hell leaving me without any ability to access my site. All this happened the day I left Australia.
2. Pursuing my ex by doing everything I can think off leaving me with sleepless nights and a body that feels like it’s been prodded by knives all the time.
3. Actively trying to be better by reaching out for a better social life.
4. Finished off the last of my New Year’s Resolution by working as a content writer for an online community.

Actually… come to think off it…that’s about it.

If I actually blogged all this stuff down for real, it’ll be about those 4 and the rest of it will be masked in cryptic philisophical mumbo jumbo. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I don’t know.

All I do know however, is that I would like to thank all the people that actually did message me asking what happened to my blog. It may not be much, but at least it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling that people actually do care to read whatever I have to say…

Even if some days it’s just pure crap.

Now…if nothing goes wrong with the server again, I will start doing what I wanted to do in the first place. Start changing this blog from Blogger to Movable Type. That I found out is harder than it looks. So…it’ll take some time. If any of you can help. I’d appreciate it, but for now, let me start getting my writing form back up again.

Alot has happened during the past few weeks.

I’m just glad I can put it all down for history to remember again.

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