I’m Back

Ahhh…it is good to be home. Ok maybe not, because compared to where I was on this trip, I was in a much warmer place with the sun and the sand and the sea. Now, I’m in a place where I can’t get ham and salami sandwiches for breakfast and I actually have to wear a sweater with long pants when I go to sleep. Not exactly vey welcoming, then again life does indeed go on.

Also I got home yesterday morning, at about 3am, after a 16 hour trip across 2 states. Not exactly the best condition after that to plop my tired butt down in front of the computer and start blogging. Not that I had a connection to blog in the first place, but yesterday gave me enough time to sleep in and take care of that. Not that I’m finished with catching up with a more than a weeks worth of house chores, but all in good time as soon as Mel starts pulling me by the ear.

Thanks to Kristine though for filling up for me when I was gone, I know she needed to keep busy and luck would have it, I had something that needed doing. So a big round for her for trying her best and not completely obliterating my blog. Really…they were nice posts, you could not have done it in any other way than what you wrote.

That all aside, I do have a small problem though. I have a shit load of pictures from my holiday up north with some stories to every one of them and I doubt that that putting them all into one post would be…sane, much less captivating enough to anyone but hardcore readers. The only way I figure is to at least divide them up somehow but then that itself would be a little bit troublesome, because I’m just lazy and that would just ruin the whole post-holiday post mood.

Then again, only hardcore readers would notice the difference so either way, I’m sure I’ll cook something up. Let it not be said that I don’t at least try to make what I read interesting…for me at least, I don’t know about the rest of you. I’m not you and you’re not me so I don’t really know what you like. I can only summise that if you’re still reading this, you still like what you’re reading so that’s a good thing…for both of us.

Well, at least I know I’m back to making no sense again.

Damn, that holiday ended too soon.

3 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Hehe…I’m glad that you like my so called whacky skills at blogging, though you know that I needed something to obssess over during the hols. I’m still on hols btw, but working tomorrow, ANZAC Day, which is the dumps, but like you said last night, stop stressing over what is going to happen in 8 months time =)

    If you wanna know, this Friday is a going out night, which would probably involve me and alcohol (which you’ve been trying to convince me to consume) and hopefully hot guys to oogle and perve at. Hopefully no sleazebags try to do anything again =P

    Catch ya around soon!

    Glad to be of service to your blog =D

  2. ChickyBabe: Glad to be back that’s for sure.

    Kristine: As long as you keep your mind busy, it doesn’t matter what in the world happens. Everything works itself out one way or another. Glad I could be of help. 🙂

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