I’m Going To Stop Blogging

Yes, I’m probably going to stop blogging…for the week, because I am going to be enjoying a nice Easter vacation up north to Mackay where the weather is actually warm enough for me to start wearing a swimsuit by the beach. Not that I will be wearing a swimsuit by the beach anyway. You know…it’s a matter of public safety and all if I were to show that pudgy body of mine, but then again this is Australia and they enjoy that sort of danger.

Now I said I probably am going to stop blogging for the week because as it turns out, I don’t have anyone to fill me in while I’m gone and while I know there is broadband on my uncle’s sugarcane farm, I doubt it would be a particularly nice thing to maintain my blogging habits while I’m there. Which means constant 5 minute glaces over the computer. Nope, not a good thing at all.

Mel: We’re going on a holiday!!
Me: Yes we are.
Mel: You’re not supposed to go online when you’re on holiday!!
Me: Who said so?
Mel: Well that’s what a holiday means. You drop everything and no one can reach you.
Me: Not even for a little while?
Mel: You’re on a HOLIDAY!!

Ok maybe she has a point…or maybe I don’t want to have my head bitten off by pressing the issue more. She does have a mean bite, that much I can gather. Maybe what I can do is secretly blog without anyone knowing. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t done that before, but that would be unethical and you can’t do that when most of your day is filled with activities and you’re probably half tipsy with booze (it’s a sugarcane farm, what do you think rum is made out off?).

Maybe I can also convince her that she needs to check her mail in case any of her supervisors tries to contact her, then claim that if she can check her mail, I can check my blog too. Then again, she’s too smart for that and she’d have planned something like that in advance.

Maybe I can stop blogging while I’m on holiday. But well…that’s something we’re going to have to see. Until then, Happy Easter Holidays everyone. I’ll be downing a couple for you guys by the beach on this one.

3 thoughts on “I’m Going To Stop Blogging

  1. Enjoy your Easter break! I said the same thing when I went on holidays, but kept checking my blog email. Old habits…

  2. everyone should try being cut off from civilisation once in a while. When I was mucking around in the jungle in Sabah, I didn’t even have a mobile phone connection, let alone Broadband… it’s actually quite blissful to know that NO ONE can get you sometimes… 😀

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