Infected With The Plague

Ok, so the title is a bit misleading and I know I was supposed to blog about something that happened last night, but I think I’ll have to blog about something that happened this morning. I woke up feeling the most horrible than I have been since…well…it’s been a long time since I felt this way.

My eyes are watery, my body can barely move, I still sound like a duck and every hacking cough not only hurts, it brings out ropes upon ropes of thick yellow mucus. Usually at this time, I would be more facinated in taking a look at my mucus under the microscope, after all…it is part of my supposed profession, then again…when I barely can stand without feeling dizzy…I kinda doubt that I would be in the mood at all.

So I think I better try and cook something to eat and take some Asprin or something at least while I have the strength to do so. I can’t do anything else with this splitting headache of mine and if this keeps up, I’m really going to be dead on the water. Oh well…you win some…you lose some, and these are the days when you just lose a lot.

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