International Perve Day

I know it’s a few hours till the day ends, but we all have important things to do and it’s better late than never. Today is International Perve Day, I have no idea whether it’s really real or not but when you come to think of it, who the hell cares.

What matters is that this day holds a special meaning for the gal who dedicates her blog to the fine art of pervology and for that I’m helping her spread the good word around…not that I do much of that myself. I spend a little too much time making sure Mel doesn’t go perve crazy. Too many cute guys in uniforms in this part of town.

So that aside, what are you waiting for? Go out. Go perve at that special someone or random fine bodied anyone. Life’s a little too short to be spent cooped up in front of the screen staring at pictures when you can do it in real life. After all…to summerize the meaning of the day and what it means.

“To perve is to embrace the fact that you’re completely human.”

6 thoughts on “International Perve Day

  1. I may sound like a killjoy here, but as someone who’s been prey to way too many perves, and has feared for her safety too many times to count because of said perves – the reality is, to perv is to remove someone’s humanity and reduce them to mere objects.

  2. Tiara: Different people, different ways of looking at the same thing. Everything is neutral. What we do with it defines it’s good and bad. Nothing wrong with the appreciation of what the mind defines as pretty. 🙂

    ChickyBabe: Yes…do say something deep, after all…you are the lady for it. 🙂 Yes…men in uniform. Unfortunately for me…she doesn’t hear a word I say once she perves at them. 😛

  3. Is it? Hell, what I did today were only stuck in front of TV all day long!
    If I knew it earlier, I would be at Mid Valley celebrating the spirit of International Perve Day!

  4. First time commenter. The lure of ChickyBabe directed me to your blog. I have told myself I need to start reading more guy blogs. So here I am and we’ll see what happens. It looks like you adore our Aussie friend just as much as I do. Damn her!

    P.S. Normally I’m a Mac user and would not be caught dead using Internet Explorer.

  5. Chapree: That’s why laa…you read my blog more. You’ll know some things in advance. 😛

    Egan: Chickybabe does lure a lot of people eh? She’s like a siren…just doesn’t kill us to end with. My blog’s a little softer than a normal guy’s blog as you can see, but that’s me. Mac user eh? Hmmm…well…if we can agree that IE is the work of the devil, then we could get along just fine. 🙂

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