It Doesn’t Change Anything

No it doesn’t changed the fact that you’ve already wrote it. It does not change the fact that you’re the the same religious genophobic that will keep on showing the world your own hatred towards your fellow neighbour. It doesn’t change the fact that there will be people with enough sense and responsibility to stand in the way of insanity like that.

Yes, it is entirely laughable that you call sane reasonable muslims the same thing as you refer to other kufaar. But it doesn’t matter. Because from my point of view, this isn’t about who’s religion is right or wrong. This is just about the bottom line of right or wrong. So why in the world do expect us to argue with your twisted point of view? How can we argue with your point of view in the first place? We all know you’re a zealot. We’d have to be just as insane as you are to keep this argument to try and convince you not to do crazy things.

All we can do is bring to light and stand up for what we know is right…and as I have said prior to this, since when is religious genocide remotely the right thing to do? How can you even quantify that as a justifiable act in the first place? Why am I even asking this question? I don’t know, maybe I am just as crazy as he is, then again the only difference is that some of you can actually justify that answer better than he can towards his.

To me now, the matter is of moot importance. You will be you as we will be who we are. The best thing anyone can do is do what we believe is right and that on a whole balances out the entire thing…even though it gives us all a headache while doing so. But the world will still turn and everything will still be as it is. This is just another day in the blogosphere, where nothing ever changes and everything will never be the same again.

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