It Was One Hell Of A Road Until The End

The Graduate

I may not be the brightest among many. I may not be the fastest among many. I may not even be the richest or the best looking or even the luckiest for that matter. It’s just that what I am is the most stubborn. For better or for worse, no matter what stands in the way, I will get through to whatever I set my mind on. One petty goal at a time. One day at a time.

Today, one of the more important goals can be crossed off, without fanfare, without ceremony, without anyone to celebrate it with. A quiet moment which marks the beginning of something greater than even myself. After what seems like a lifetime, the dream suddenly seems less insane and more real than it was before. After so long, I can begin the next part of the plan, the next long road until the end.

It’s just too bad I don’t have the time or people to celebrate every milestone of achievements anymore. I would have thrown one hell of a party.

9 thoughts on “It Was One Hell Of A Road Until The End

  1. By packing to move to the new house. Not much for celebration here. It’s no fun when you’re on your own anyway with plenty of things to do. 🙁

  2. Congratulations, Ed!

    You know, receiving the certificate in your hands itself is already one heck of a celebration. And this is one of those times when you don’t need too many people to celebrate with 🙂

  3. Exactly why I didn’t go for my graduation ceremony in the first place. There wasn’t any point to it without anyone to celebrate it with. I just let them deliver the cert to my house, it’s the same feeling, just cost a lot less (you know with the robe rental and all that).

  4. Naoko: Thanks. 🙂

    Szehau: Technically it’s Honours in Medical Science. I got my Bachelor’s last year. We count them as separate degrees.

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