It’s That Time Of The Year Again

For New Year’s Resolutions. The only beef I have with them is the fact I didn’t complete all the ones I wrote last year, not even close. Well at least, I did complete some of it and here is a recap.

Edrei’s 2005 New Year Resolution

  1. Go to Phillip Island in Australia and take pictures with cute penguins. (had lots of time but no money to spend)
  2. Be applicable for Honours Degree under a field of Oncology. (errr…my grades weren’t good enough)
  3. Complete my Rubick’s cube sequence in under 2 minutes. (I have gone under a minute on several occassions)
  4. Work in a field related to Oncology and Forensics during my industrial training. (since I’ve decided to extend into a double degree, I’ve got time to properly finish this)
  5. Complete the remaining Anita Blake collection by getting books 7, 10, 11 and 12. (I’m now missing books 11 and 12. Still no money.)
  6. Get a steady part time job in a field of work I actually like but not related to industrial training. (WordPress, writing, waitering, the works)
  7. Get my cholesterol level to below 5.5. (not that hard anyway considering I don’t have time to eat much.)
  8. Improve my relationship with Ju to a point where I know (not hope) that there is still hope for the future. (as complicated as the realationship is, we’re cool now. We know what we want to know and we’re dating other people, as for hope for the future…well…time will tell on that one won’t it?)

With that being said, it’s time to come up with the new set of New Year’s resolutions, one that I’m most likely not to break. So keeping the doable in mind and some new things I’ve got up my sleeve, here is the nest set of lists for this year.

Edrei’s 2006 New Year Resolution

  1. Visit a place outside Wagga for more than just the weekend and not having anything to do with conferences.
  2. Be really laid back and care only for the things that need caring for.
  3. Survive through the year with enough money for me to actually get something I want.
  4. Find better friends that actually don’t take me for granted.
  5. Seduce a gay person and get away with it.
  6. Get Melissa to actually watch a Chick flick and like it.
  7. See real penguins
  8. Get that job that involves Oncology and finish my industrial training and my degree.

That’ll pretty much be it really. Nothing really ambitious (aside from that chick flick one), just taking things easy as it goes. From what I have learnt so far, all good things come to those who aren’t worried about things that they shouldn’t worry about. So let’s make this year that year for it.

It’s a New Year anyway. It’s just another year for you to do the things you want. What have we got to lose but the things we would want done? Might as well get to it right? Then all that’s left is the porch, the lounge chair and really good things by your side with the people you can enjoy it with. That being said…Happy New Year folks. Let’s make something out of it.

10 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of The Year Again

  1. Urm, you want to seduce a gay guy and get away with it. -.-” Not that difficult I suppose. And I ain’t talking about flirting with a drunk one. Just be friendly and you know. 😛

  2. Hee, I can help you with the gay guy one if you like – and if you don’t want much of a challege. =P

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