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It’s nothing much actually. I haven’t been writing for a very long time. Ahem…long story. But anyways…i’m back just to drop a note about the latest catastrophe. And this is the fastest way i know to spread word round about the people who has a heart of gold.

The atmosphere in the hospital was grave today. All thanks to the death toll caused by the Great Wave. The Asia Tsunami so they called it. The pictures in the newspapers were heartbreaking. We couldn’t eat during lunch. All time spent discussing about the unfortunate mishap, mischance, unlucky occurance of this great destruction that wiped out an entire island, generations of families, innocent travellers, people looking for a day of fun in the sun.

All gone…all gone… And the death toll rising by the minute.

Weird part is…the specimens kept on coming in today. Normally at the end of each year the specimens are less in the laborotary. but heck…we weren’t complaining…it was one way to take our minds off of things. The worse part was…resources were dwindling while the test specimens increase. Hmm…working with minimal resources is really testing your patience and sanity while working under stress!! I mean…you try doing a cross match (matching of donors’ and patients’ blood) while the patient is bleeding away in the operating theater with no enough equiptment or blood in hand!! But i got through it…maybe that’s why i got a good report from my employers to my college! 🙂

But all that aside…that real reason for me to write here today is that i know this is the best way to get word out to all good samaritans out there. I know a lot of you care about all those who were caught in the unfortunate disaster. And i would like to spread the word round about the couple who were far from home and has a heart of gold.

Read to find out.

Today a couple that came to Malaysia from Belgium for their holidays came to the GIMC donor’s place to donate their blood. Reason being that they heard and read about the Asia Tsunami and want to help out in however way they can. They said they heard that the blood bank stock is going down very fast and they wanted to help as much as they can.

Unfortunately…the Malaysian government states that a donor can only donate blood 3 months after the last donation. They last donated blood in October. They argued that it is fine with them and they will take full responsibility if anything happens but then we dare not take the risk especially when they are foreigners. They left finally. But their heart were at the right place.

All i’m asking from everyone here now is to just take a minute in silence and pray for those who lost their shelter, their family and their lives in this disaster. Pray for those who needs food and shelter so that help comes soon, pray for those who are missing may they be found soon…dead or alive. And pray for those washed up on shore… May they rest in peace.

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