Just Get A Job Already!!

A little personal note before I put down anything else. I have to stop having the urge to find assurance from my blog. I’ve done that too many times before and come up with has mixed results, mostly bad ones and it doesn’t give me anything aside from needing even more assurance and some bodily pain.

So let us all move on and find my solice in the people that I already share my life with. Like you guys who bother to have a conversation with me on a regular basis. Cheers to that. So going back to what I want to talk about.

WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU PEOPLE TO FIND A JOB?! I know you need money, but really…no one and I mean no one gets their dream job out of a hat just like that. Not without a lots of hard work and maybe…just maybe…a little luck, but even so, no one is expecting you to go from zero to hero overnight so quit it with being picky and just get a job. Or better yet…do your job.

People have been asking themselves for a while now. Why the high unemployment rates in Malaysia? People have talked about this before and it’s about time I give my own piece of mind in the light of my current situation. There are alot of unemployed people in Malaysia because all of you are LAZY SPOILT SODS who can’t seem to learn anything new even if you slap it repeatedly on your forehead with a cantaloupe.

I blame this stupidity on concept of capitalistic work which people have heard off in a nutshell. I think it goes something like this, “First you start off as a lowly french maid and one day you could possibly own your own multi-national conglomerate which specializes in designing and manufacturing electronic chips for robots especially for those that look like french maids“. Of course, what happened is that most people DIDN’T realize that this was in a nutshell and there are lots of in betweens on that one, specifically that it’ll take years and years of sweat and sometimes (mandatory) blood (donations) to get them to that height of french maid-dom.

Not that it matters anyway. Why? Because some people are too LAZY to even realize that you need to begin somewhere to do something at all. Not all of us are so lucky in having friends or relatives in high places that can get us cushy jobs. But if there is one thing we all do have are friends that can get us offers for jobs. Period. The rest is up to us to blitz the way…unless you happen to think your friends are people in high places that can get us a cushy job. In that case, get your head out of the clouds cause the world down here don’t work that way brother…na-ah.

Seriously. Stop being a lazy bum and start doing something for yourself instead of being spoonfed with dreams and hopes that are as unrealistic as they are insane. Some of us actually make do with what we have because it is all that we can have right now. Where it goes from there, thats up to us to decide with what we do, not what we say. In this world, you can’t have everything you want. But maybe just maybe, if you try hard enough. You get what you need.

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