KennysiaPG: What’s New?

I was going to blog about what I really think about the whole “Kenny Sia and SPG Topless Pic Post” Saga (that’s certainly a mouthful…no pun intended), but of course some of you have the right idea already and blogged about it before me, but nevertheless I’ve got my own say too.

And it starts like this.

It was a dark and cold night…and I was doing my usual blog surfing by refreshing PPS. Then for some reason I found myself reading Kenny Sia’s post which contained that very interesting picture with the controversially famed SPG. Now for those of you who don’t keep track of Malaysian Blogger scene, this picture was special.

Both of them were topless together.

Of course like any hot-blooded guy, I have my level of envy and a certain guy-like admiration for what happened. I told my friends to read the blog, I posted my comment, read the post again…and thought nothing of it except wonder how would the Malaysian community recieve this latest crazy post from Kenny…and of course the ethical question of did he ask for SPG’s permission to post that picture online (but that’s just me).

12 hours later the post was gone. Then came the strories of people flaming Kenny and expressing their “misgivings” on their blogs, some of which were password protected in the end and well…just the barrage of seemingly disappointed Kenny Sia readers.

All I can say about this is one thing.


I mean…seriously. Huh?

I really don’t understand why everyone is reacting the way they did. Why the disappointment? Why the outrage? Why the misgivings? Seriously? Aside from the usual moral objections, I see absolutely no reason why anyone would be offended by that post…aside from well…maybe SPG if Kenny did publish that picture without her consent (which again is just my own thoughts).

I mean when that post came out at 2 in the morning. I showed everyone I could find and the entire response from all the bloggers I know can be summed up into two word that came out from all this.

What’s new?

Some of you know I’ve been hanging out with a lot of bloggers lately and they aren’t necessarily Malaysians in the first place…and that is the response I get. What’s new? Kenny isn’t the first blogger that posted a picture like that in their post…and I certainly don’t think he is the last. Hell…I’ve seen blogs that post even more explicit pics (excluding SPG’s controversial post) and no one bats an eye. Hell…they get compliments more than anything else.

I wouldn’t claim to know Kenny personally. No…that’s more Minishorts territory in all this. I know him enough to have called him a pretty sick f**k in some of his more crazy posts…but that’s always between bouts of laughter at a pretty good joke.

What he did on his Topless with SPG post is no different.

So it’s not so photoshopped like his earlier work (aside from the blurred faces and the moving breast thingie), but how is the insanity which he posted this any different from his previous crazy posts? It’s still him, I actually EXPECT him to do something like that. I still have my laugh and my envious misgivings and I move on knowing that this is the Kenny we all know through his blog and that its somehow normal for something like this to happen…in regards to the world out there.

It’s just sad that some of you did that you did.

One minute you all are going “Haha…topless in colourful boxers!!” and the next minute you’re all going “Whoa whoa…it’s a disappointment you and SPG are topless in the pic together!!” What…did you all become the morality police or something? I thought our blogs are supposed to be OUR blogs like all of you people seem to be advocating. I’m actually more disappointed in Kenny taking DOWN his post to begin with.

I just believe it’s something we all need to get used to.

As I said a few paragraphs up, the only people that seem to bat an eyelid regarding this…is some of you people…a few who have been following his blogs for quite a while. While the rest of the world can sit back, smile and nod their head if they get the joke or close it when they don’t find it funny. The rest of you make a big deal out of this and ultimately a nice post taken off because of that.

Why did this happen? I don’t know. Maybe you guys just have some reasons to find it distasteful. Maybe you guys haven’t spent as much time in the world out there to realise that things like that are normal and isn’t necessarily a bad thing to make a big deal out off. Maybe you guys are jealous. I SERIOUSLY don’t know.

So if anything, this picture is the best picture I can dig up in rememberence of the post that shouldn’t have been deleted. May things like that be an eventual norm in the eyes of Malaysian bloggers and never happen the way it did again…though I know better that it will.

But here’s to hoping anyway.

The Horror!! The Pure Horror!!

So to lay it to rest, the fair post above the rest, I quote from the first comment which was written on Kenny’s post before it was deleted which incidentally was written by me.

Salute. Mon amie. Salute.

16 thoughts on “KennysiaPG: What’s New?

  1. Hahah…omfbg, you didn’t just post that photo here.

    It was shocking enough that you sent it to me…but to have it posted here?

    One word…hilarious! Good one…very sexy btw. *winks*

  2. Dusty: Not as blinded as some of the things on Kenny’s site.

    Sweetie: Sexy? You’re kidding right? You HAVE been blinded haven’t you?

    Minishorts: I’m thinner….somewhat…than before. It’s a pic I took a while ago anyway. 🙂

  3. How much of a while ago was that picture? Been working out have we? Show us the new and buff you.

  4. ah. ppl like to be shocked. they say it’s an outrage and whatever, but secretly, they’re all glad there are some who do controversial things so we can make a fuss about it.

    and enough about the spg already. good grief.

  5. definitely have to put a before and after picture, you know. Just to lay our minds to rest. hehe.

  6. well at least at kenny’s site there WAS something worth seeing. [shivers] o gawd … the pain in my eyes [/shivers]

  7. Edrei.. Hahaha. Tell me that’s just an illusion. Your photo I mean. Haha. Dude, I am just kidding. 🙂

    Well, yeah, I don’t seem to understand why people made such a big hoo-ha over SPG and Kenny’s blog posts. About those topless photos and the SPG’s controversial photo. It’s their blog and their thoughts and as i’ve said, if they can’t take it then just cancel the window or get out from the blog and don’t read it.

    Anyways, their blogs are nice as well. Not bad. 🙂


  8. Dusty: Weren’t you the one that wanted to be raked by my claws again?

    Thquah: Ummm…well…alright…something else in common. 🙂

    Kyels: Yes…the photo is an illusion. What you see may not be what is. 🙂 Well as all big hoo hahs, there is always a story behind it. Some stories aren’t exactly know to everyone. But let’s just say that there was a reason behind it, though I remain perfectly neutral on that issue.

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