Kill The Baby Save The People

1670 words in less than 12 hours. Not bad at all, though it’s a rushed job and I guess I could have done better, but hey, you get what you worked for. In this case, a pretty neat essay in regards to the ethics behind the support of human therapeutic cloning. Compliments to Mei and Chooki for chipping in a little on the gramatical side of things.

In case any one of you think you can use the points here for your essay if you’re writing one, go ahead. But remember, plagiarism is a crime. So the best thing you can do if you like these points is use them as reference. Never plagiarise what was never yours, you can get into a lot of trouble for it. A bucket load of trouble and I would know.


Therapeutic cloning is a technique whereby cloned embryos are produced via a technique known as somatic cell transfer is used to create pluripotent stems cells for the purpose of repairing damaged or otherwise defective tissue in the parent genetic donor of the clone. Somatic cell transfer involved the transfer of a person’s DNA into an ovum to recreate a situation resembling a fertilized egg which would later turn into an embryo. Human therapeutic cloning would have the embryo harvested for the stem cells which results in the destruction of the embryo and the stems cells would later be used to whatever tissue or organ is needed to treat the patient.

Such a technique could revolutionize the way we treat diseases and afflictions without the usual complications to the patient. For instance, transplanted organs would be without the risk of rejection due to the genetic compatibility. Such an act itself would save thousands of lives cut short from the lack of donor organs and free patients from a lifetime of immune suppressing drugs.

Further benefits would include the ability for patients suffering from the slow debilitating onset of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease to regenerate healthy nerve cells to slow down the disease and perhaps even cure them permanently.

Despite the media’s nightmarish views on cloning over the recent years in portraying the eventual outcome of human therapeutic cloning as something akin to living organ farms and the fears of the public towards the moral implications of therapeutic cloning, it is through the understanding of the enormous possible benefits that can come from therapeutic cloning as well as the informed objectivity of the situation that puts my stance to support the act itself.

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