Leader Assassinated While I Don’t Care

If you’re not in the loop, there is a great big news about former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto being assassinated. Apparently, her death is felt all over the world for so many different reasons, from her being the first female prime minister in a Muslim country, to her figurehead status as someone who opposes Pakistan’s military regime and will run against them in their coming elections.

Expect no one else in the world to really care about it about a month from now and I’m being quite optimistic about this.

The truth is that I don’t really care about this one way or another. Her death like many others is part of the perpetual war between human stupidity and doing the right thing. Frankly at this point, I see no reason to feel shocked or sad about her death. I don’t know her personally, neither do I take part in Pakistani politics. She has no ideals I’m willing to fight for, nor any common interest that I know off. In short, she is one of the 6 billion lives on this planet I take no notice off. So why should I bother about it?

Given the fact that most people who seem to give a damn about it aren’t people willing to stand in her position. I don’t see why they should give a damn about it too. A cause that’s dependent on a single person to hold upright isn’t a cause that’s going to survive in the long run. At the end of it, it’s what we’re willing to do beyond what we see in ourselves that gives heart to the ideals we justify ourselves for. If the people who are outraged or sad aren’t willing to throw themselves in the same line of fire for what they stand up for, then that kind of hypocrisy begs the cause itself to wither away.

For that I truly mourn. Not for the death of one person, but the death and stagnation of ideals in the place of saving your own comfort zone. Given that to think about, one month is really too long a time for people to sweat over their commercialised coffee and the oversight of their own freedom.

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