Leaving For The Greener Grass

This is the last night that I’m going to spend in this house before I move. While there aren’t many memories that are connected to this house given the 12 months in which I have occupied it, a lot of them were significant in the least. Whether it be the long goodbyes, the subtle seductions, the year long hard work, they all mattered in ways that have defined the course of my life today and in the distant future.

If I had my way, I wouldn’t want to leave this place. For what it’s worth, this cozy little corner was one hell of a bargain to begin with. Yet all good things must come to an end. It is as if life were telling me that for something new to happen, the old has to go away. I now stand at the precipice of the new. Whether I like and accept it or not, the old must go and so too must this significant place go as well.

So as I am overwhelmed with the burden of the move, the only solace I can take comfort in is the fact that regardless of what stands in the way, I will see this through, as I always have. Tomorrow will be a long day ahead, not unlike the last few weeks that I have good through so far. At least tomorrow will be the culmination of all that hard work and running around in spite of the odds. It’s not something you can say without a certain amount of pride knowing that you’ve gone this far on your own accord, but that’s part of life and I’ve lived it as have others.

I just wouldn’t mind sharing this moment with someone who understands it the way I do.

Would you want to try?

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