Liberty Is Blind

Technically it would have been more accurate to have said that Sarah or rather my laptop has just lost the LCD backlight so I can’t see shit on the screen.

Then again most bloggers do have a flair for the dramatic and I’m no exception.

Let’s hope the price for repairs doesn’t come expensive and it’ll be done within the week. I am not flying all the way to Labuan without her by my side because I swear to God, no one is more important than having her by me always…excpet for Kristine though. Then again that’s another story in which requires long amounts of explaination.

Somehow I feel like there is something morally wrong here though I can’t quite point out where it is. Oh well, I’m sure it isn’t that important to begin with anyway.

One thought on “Liberty Is Blind

  1. you stay in tmn melawati??? sure or not?? which jalan? big building in front of your house….. don’t tell me you live in B….. *gasp*

    anyway, yeah… they’re really clearing away our trees… the LOTR-like, elfish, super mystical “mini forest” near MIA all gone! urban 2 coming up… urban 1 not even done yet, urban 2 pulak… the stupid melawati square or what-you-call-it isn’t even fully occupied yet! so… ARGH!!

    and now…….. read this.

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