Looking For Good Malaysian Posts For Merdeka

Right for the most part, most of the blogs that I have been blogging about aren’t really Malaysian in nature. Today and for the rest of the week however, I am making an exception. I know it. You all know it. Every Malaysian that still remembers when there come from knows it.

Merdeka Day is coming.

That’s right for those of you who are not Malaysian, yes…our Independance day is coming. The day when we officially shoved the British out of our country and and ended up with the diverse boiling pot of culture we call our home.

So as a testiment to our evolution from a former colony to well…technogeek bloggers, some of us namely headed by Danny here, are building a site for all Malaysians to blog about how we are part of our dear country and I quote from the site itself.

The Merdeka Blogger Project is about celebrating the spiritual meaning of Merdeka Day online via blogging.

Not a bad idea. I mean…blogging is about a community right?

What bigger community than our own nation?

However, there is one catch.

Community…basically means a “we” kind of thing. Not a couple of us, not the more famous of us. We. Everyone. Plural. Everyone of us has to chip in at least. Big. Small. Well known. Unknown. We already have a pretty big blogosphere community. So now, let’s at least put our mark here as a testiment to who we are as Malaysians.

Here is your chance to write something original regarding Merdeka Day for possibly the whole nation to read. It doesn’t have to be in english even. We’re a damn multi-cultural country. Write it in Malay. Write it in Chinese. Write it in Tamil. Write it in the language you grew up in Malaysia with the best.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is, you as a Malaysian…as a blogger celebrate Merdeka day the best way we know and love to. By blogging about it. So think about it…then go here right now and register to blog about Merdeka day. This is going to be in Malaysia to see the parade march by, instead let this be our parade. Let this project…no…this…march of bloggers…be a testiment to us living as Malaysians no matter where we are.

Let’s make this project work.

I’m looking for some pre-Merdeka day posts to put up before the big day. If you got a good pre-Merdeka day post, tell me about it. Tell Danny about it. Just tell us about it. We’ll feature it on our site so that everyone will know you wrote it. Then when Merdeka comes. Write about it on the Merdeka Blogger Project. Write for the whole Malaysia to see.

Remember…this is our blogosphere.

There are good, the bad and the ugly.

But for this moment.

Let’s make it our blogosphere.

The Malaysian blogosphere.

Lets give us something to be proud off.

5 thoughts on “Looking For Good Malaysian Posts For Merdeka

  1. I have already launched a similar project — kicking off tomorrow with SEVEN ESSAYS, but with the main theme of THE MALAYSIAN DILEMMA. Four guest bloggers have sent in their essays each putting their thoughts on a sub-teme of their own choice.

    I salute your initiative. May contribute too.

    Welcome to visit Desi’s Place too. Cheers to ALL MALYSIANS; I sincerely HOPE we can all contribute in our individual ways towards building a TOWERING MALAYSIA — acroos the boundaries of race, creed, colour and gender and age.

  2. Alright alright…you don’t have to shout. I can here you perfectly fine over cyberspace. 🙂

    Thanks for the contribution anyway. 🙂

  3. thanks for the info.

    it is a good project started by danny. i don’t know if i have time to write one though… but i will write a post in bahasa malaysia on merdeka day.

  4. i wrote smt, but it’s very diabetes-inducing. haha. can get it off my blog. i can’t seem to register onto merdekablogger.org.

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