Malaysia and Terrorists I Would Love To See

Well…I guess most of you would have already heard about the latest explosive piece of news from Bali where many people died and lots of people got injured because some trigger happy fundamentalists forgot that they actually blew the place up a few years ago.

Well…I’m not going to sit here and give you updates on news that you all can probably find on Google News. I’m going to be here to talk about the socio-political policies made by western countries that might have probably lead to this mess. No. I’m not going to talk about that.

I’m going to talk (a little bit) about why in the name of all that’s holy and sacred when a Malaysian appears on a global media scene, it’s not exactly for the better.

I know I have misgivings about my own country, but it’s still my own country. As much as my own countrymen can be anal about a lot of things, I can say for sure we like to be very very very far away when it comes to the name terrorrist. But no…there has got to be that one or two people out there that would do…in the name of not God…but fundamentalism make sure we get the public eye and drag us back again to having paranoid trigger happy white people think we’re the bad guys.

Damn fundamentalist, tell me…what point do you have of blowing up a tourist area…twice? To make a point to western civilization? What all a sudden you don’t like entertainment? What…western entertainment insults you? Oh please, the reason why some of you are doing this in the first place is because you want to be greeted by those 71 virgins when you matyr yourself. You don’t fool me.

Tell you what…I’m sure you’re not an absolute retard. If you just put those bombs down and stop using the words “jihad” and “orang kafir (infidels)” in every sentence and work on it, I can guarantee you that you can get a shitload more than 71 virgins…here…on earth…without dying or anyone else dying. I kid you not!!

And why is it that terrorism suddenly becomes synonymous with the islam? When we hear it in the news, we don’t have to be told that it it was some muslim guy. We know it was some muslim guy. It’s only when they suddenly say something like the IRA or something, then we’d probably go “It’s that a new Islamic terrorist organization?

Why can we never see terrorists of other religions in the news? What about christian terrorist? Ok so we have the IRA (which for people too young to care stands for the Irish Republican Army), that’s fair enough. I mean no disrespect to their actions on other people but…why don’t you people do something? Why can’t you hog the limelight too? It’s a perfect time to get media coverage on your organization anyway…unless you want to be mistaken for being muslims or something…which boggles my mind. I can imagine some crazy soldier for the IRA going.

Why don’t we say we converted to Islam, they have better PR than we do!! And the ‘I’ can still stay the same too!!

No it really doesn’t work.

What about a buddhist terrorist? Hmmm…no…that probably doesn’t work either. The last time there was a buddhist terrorist, his idea of making a statement was roasting himself in a fire and making us deal with our own shit. Very buddhist like. Very kind.

Going back to Christianity. You know what fundamentalistic christian terrorists I would like to see? The Amish. Yeah. I would like to see an Amish terrorist. That would have to be the most amusing fundamentalistic terrorists organization known to mankind. Can you imagine the Amish people making a statement? They don’t believe in technology. Come on…they still use horses to go around. And if you see an Amish guy with his arm up a horses ass…he’s an engineer. That’s it. I got it. I know how they can threaten western civillization.

Shit. Lots and lots of shit. Not the ones that are spewing out the mouths of other fundamentalistic terrorrists out there. Real pieces of shit…from horses and cows and whatever animals that they have with them. Better yet…give them (the animals not the terrorists) bad food and a dose of laxative put them in a public downtown area and you can literally see the shit fly. They’ll be cleaning that mess up for years to come.

But instead we have to put up with this other shit with bombs and stuff. Damn that Buddhist terrorist was right.

10 thoughts on “Malaysia and Terrorists I Would Love To See

  1. an Amish terrorist?! imagine a horse-and-cart setup trundling down a busy street in new york and then blowing up. eh, this one definitely got comic value!!!!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA… Amish terrorists?? Man, you got all the lab ppl here looking me weird for laughing myself into fits.

    Luv ya big bro ^_~

  3. Yeah the Amish. That would be a sight to behold alright. But everything is subjected to intepretation anyway.

    Come to think of it, it could very well be 71 Virginians instead.

  4. The Buddhist wasn’t a terrorist but a monk who immolated himself in protest of the government troops who broke up a Buddhist gathering, killed people only to blame it on Communists. He did in protest of the government’s treatment on Buddhists, which is interesting when you consider that Vietnam is a largely Buddhist country – me thinks.

    His name was Thich Quang Duc – and the last I recalled, a terrorist is one who creates terror and fear. How was that Buddhist considered a terrorist?

  5. Mei, you know I should know that. It’s called humour. The point is in Buddhism, you don’t take things that don’t matter too seriously. That’s why you get fundamentalist.

  6. Good point.
    Not all muslims are terrorists.
    And Amish are in a way making a point to western culture it s just that we don’t think much about the Amish because they are not directly threatening society.
    You are also right about the missuse of the word Jihad they shoul event another word to describe the motivation of muslim terrorists.

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