Meet The Parents

It’s graduation week here. Which means Mel is finally graduating. Which means I finally get to meet her parents for the first time. How much more nervous can one be? I hope it all goes well. Someone still my beating heart before I get a heart attack.

11 thoughts on “Meet The Parents

  1. Hahaha … I remembered my ‘meet the parents’ moment. I was bloody nervous, scared shitless, but in the end, everything turned out just fine, and I was being all jittery for nothing.

    All the best, mate. Just keep telling them how great their daughter is 😉

  2. You’ll be fine, Ed. Just don’t break their vase or toilet seats (they won’t bring these with them, right?) =)

  3. You’ll be fine. Just be confident, personable and polite. Parents love polite. Make sure they see how much you worship, respect, and love their daughter, and they’ll be happy for her. Besides, you’re pretty much what every parent wants their daughter to bring home, so what are you worried about?!

  4. Tine: Haha, I’ll try not to suck up that badly. I don’t want to patronise the parents and Mel by doing that. 🙂

    Mei: Nervous of me? Whatever for?

    Pelf: No they won’t be bringing that. At least, I don’t think they’ll be bringing that. 🙂

    Erin: Oh aside from the deeply embedded race and religion issue. Pretty much nothing at all. 😛

    Nagelstudios: I think it’s more of “Meet The Parents”. That’ll be more appropriate at this moment. 🙂

  5. Well Edrei, my advice is be yourself. Be your charming self as ChickyBabe says 🙂 DOn’t forget, they probably are going to be quite interested in your self, so well be prepared for questions. A lot. 😛

    You know I’m only a phone call away if you need any advice 🙂

    Good luck and have fun!!

  6. ChickyBabe: I’ll try. 🙂

    Chapree: Control…what? What do I do again?

    Kris: Haha, I think I’ll be too busy to give you a call. Besides, nothing is that easy. 🙂

    Boinq: Nah, I’ll probably mutter something like. Your daughter cooks good food. By then, I’ll be dead from Mel’s hand either way. 🙂

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