Merdeka Blogger Project In The Star

Alright. Now here is every reason to make it work.

We’re mentioned in The Star under the education section. If you came here because you read about us in the Star, I welcome you to my blog. Feel free to stick around and read the rest of my blogs. Unfortunately I’m in Australia at the moment so I can’t really go pick up the newpaper and read about it.

Thank God for the net.

Anyway, as it says and I quote:

While Foo and his team will do their best to gather contributions, the Merdeka Blogger Project will definitely not succeed without the support and initiative of the bloggers themselves.

So what are you waiting for? We’re looking for those pre-Merdeka posts right now in preperation for the big day. So tell Danny or me about it or just register and post a draft of it on the Merdeka Blogger site itself.

Merdeka isn’t without the people who remember and appreciate the legacy in which it was brought down after so long.

Let’s bring that apreciation to the 21st century.

Support the Merdeka Blogger Project.

Make the whole Malaysia see how much our country means to us.

(I like to thank Minishorts for bringing the project into the media light)

4 thoughts on “Merdeka Blogger Project In The Star

  1. i did a pre post for MyMerdekaBm and i tried using BM to post. my Bm must’ve sucked after these long years of absence.

    i will technorati tag all my merdeka posts with MyMerdekaBm and it will really make searching for posts easier when we log on to technorati.

  2. omigosh, your site was down for the longest time and was dropped from my blogroll..your layout looks FANTASTIC!!!! I’ll be back again and will be adding you back onto my sidebar..*huggles*

  3. Jimmy: Why not register then and post then? It can’t hurt to help out.

    Letti: It was down only for one month last December. I’ve been up again for ages already. 🙂

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