Milestone Friendships

If there is anything I missed in the four years I have been in Australia, it would be the late nights where we would talk about our futures.

The breeze of the cool night air on a warm tropical night.

The noise of a sleepless crowd under bright fluorescent lighting.

The comfort of cheap ice cold drinks shared among friends as much as the stories.

These days, late nights are a luxury few of us can afford because the future we so often talked about so long ago, has become our present. But in its stead lies something far more precious. In its place is the company of peers separated by the time and choices of our own making, sharing a moment that no longer reflects the wishes of our youth for a future we desire, but connected in a moment that reflects the life that we have lived and the life we can live right now.

For it is in times like this where we learn that sometimes, as much as friendship is about the need of the moment. They are also milestones for how much we have grown and far we still have to go. In moments like this, our peers are what we need to show us what we need.

And all it takes is a late night out. And plenty drinks to keep the conversation one that never fails to surprise you.

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