Moments To Think About…

If you make yourself more than just a man. If you devote yourself to an ideal. You become something else entirely.

Somehow for a movie, those lines have always rung true in my mine ever since I was a kid. It’s too bad after this, I can’t really call it my own. Truth be told, all the years I’ve put into the idea that this world can be saved has had its ups and downs. I can tell you one thing about them though.

It definitely isn’t what it’s cracked up to be in old comics.

Trying to make the world a better place isn’t laced with parades in your honour or people wanting to get to know you. No…if you want that…you have to be a rich billionaire playboy with a wild streak and a sense of humour. No…trying to make a world a better place usually ends up with you being beaten down by the very people you’re trying to save.

I can tell you one (probably) real person who had to go through that shit.


But I’m not here to talk about Christ. I’m here to talk about us mortal people. People who spend the rest of our lives in fear, apathy and aimless denial. People who have dreams of turning things for the better but get worn down by the social system of pointless banter. In a way, it is true…we’re all just human beings. Corruptable and easily broken…espacially against the never ending waves of selfishness and hypocrisy that people have for their lives.

When all that’s left is the dark.

Then blind is what we will become.

That’s why at the end of it all, it is about ideals. It’s about a vision. To see something more than just the dark. To see something past yourself, beyond being just a person. If childhood dreams have the purity of focus, why can’t our adult selves have the same incorruptable goals? Why does it always have to be about ourselves? Why? Because other people are doing it too? Is that your reason? To be part of the crowd? To be part of the problem?

Is being difficult any excuse for not doing something about it?

You lazy bums.

Yeah…I may be here just talking about things in life to change then probably have 1 or 2 people coming out from nowhere asking me what have I done or why I haven’t done something about it. My only response to that is this…I took the road where I’m constantly beaten down against that system. If you read the sentences above, you’d understand what I’m trying to say.

All I can do is keep on dedicating myself to that ideal I set forth all those years ago. The methods have definitely changed, but the principles behind what I stand for…those…never have. Even if they stood in the way of things that I wanted. Even if it hurt so much not to be able to reach for things the way I want. Looking back at what I was and what the world is now, could I really be happy having the things I want and living in a world we aren’t meant to live in?

Knowing everyday you had a chance to make a difference.

But chose not to for the sake of yourself.

I don’t think I can live with that amount of knowledge and awareness of things. Not without turning myself into another zombie that constantly walks aimlessly in life working his or her 9 to 5 jobs without any clarity of focus.

No…all I can do is keep on working that ideal.

If not for something more than myself.

Then at least for a place better than what we have right now.

6 thoughts on “Moments To Think About…

  1. Please do not feel demoralised or demotivated to fight for what you believe is right. At least we can die saying ” We tried.” If we have tried hard enough, that would be a crack in the system, and hopefully, again I reiterate, HOPEFULLY that we’ll be able to make a difference. It’s a long difficult process, but if with faith, hope and love ( as quoted in Moulin Rouge) we might be able to see SOME results. The best things in life aren’t fo free, and it will never be. Christ suffered a lot too while carrying out the Father’s mission. He endured everything just for the common good. Without His sufferings, we wouldn’t have been able to be followers of Him.
    So travel on…carry on…

  2. Bawang: Well…the answers are always with you. You just need to commit to them. That’s the difference.

    Sabrina: It’s not hard not to feel demoralised sometimes. It’s just that when you’ve been fighting the war for so long, when you come to think of it, you don’t know where all these strength it coming from. Sometimes hope and faith is best kept when you have a reason. Without it, it’s corruptable and it can be destroyed.

  3. Someone just said to me yesterday and today.

    “I have faith in you.” Gives me a reason to have more faith in myself.

    When you want it the most there’s no easy way out
    When you’re ready to go and your heart’s left in doubt
    Don’t give up on your faith
    Love comes to those who believe it
    And that’s the way it is

    So yeah…I will promises.

  4. Hi Kami. No wonder we all love this Batman. We can identify a little with his demons. Nevermind the costume, I felt so drawn to the character.

    I admire the struggling idealist in you. I wish I could say something meaningful. But I gave up that struggle a long time ago. (my recent post)

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