Music Tip Of The…Year

I say “year” because I don’t usually recommend any music on my blog. In fact, I don’t really recommend much of anything on my blog which makes this a rarity. You know it just happens to be good when I start digging through Youtube to find video clips of it. It’s hard enough trying to choose between the live version and the video clip itself, so here is the live version, just so you know how good this band from Netherlands are without lip sync.

That’s to say if you don’t already like Gothic Rock by the end of this, at least there weren’t any sacrificial goats in the clip. Well, then that’s just too bad now isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Music Tip Of The…Year

  1. no black goat?! gawd that is dissapointing! better scratch that or my scholar will be taken away!

    it is good. really. love the song!

  2. Haha, we still see it anyway. It’s a great song just as it s a great band. The rest of their songs in that album are just as good. Its rare that I find a band which I like all the songs in the album.

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