Musings Of A Lady Killer

“You are an odd and fascinating woman that I can’t figure out and I don’t say that very often.”

“Or maybe I’m just fucking around with your head.”

“I can’t deny that possibility as well.”

“I just don’t understand you”

“Doesn’t that make things so much more interesting?”

No I’m not pondering over a situation that I have Mel and I found someone just as interesting. But that’s just it, I have found someone just as interesting. If anything, it serves to remind me of two things.

  1. The fact that I love people for who they are.
  2. The fact that I am forever attracted and intrigued by emotionally dysfunctional women that defy common stereotypes.

Maybe it isn’t right to keep asking why did I never meet women like this when I was younger. Despite constantly being on the short end of the social ladder as a kid, maybe everything that was everything was meant to coalesce into moments like this. Moments that aren’t about me being baffled or intrigued, but moments where I can thoroughly enjoy for what it is.

If someone told me a long time ago that I would be a ladies man. I wouldn’t have believed them. But maybe like someone said, it’s not as easy as being out there wooing anyone with two legs. Maybe like someone told me in all seriousness, I am the right man for not just the right woman, but the perfect woman. A woman that would enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs. A woman that no other person could attract, let alone win over no matter how hard they tried.

It may not be obvious that a quirky little geek like me. It wasn’t obvious for me to begin with. But maybe that’s just the point. The secret of all secrets. Maybe in a society where the most remarkable women keep their would be suitors at bay by being one step ahead all the time, all it takes is for a quirky little geek, unnoticed and seemingly unremarkable, to say the right words at the right place at the right time.

Maybe I should write a book about how to be the ladies man?

Yeah, like I’d give all my secrets away.

2 thoughts on “Musings Of A Lady Killer

  1. Kami, you didn’t meet these kind of women “when you were younger” because they were still becoming the kind of women who defied the common stereotypes. 😉 And that’s what’s so beautiful about people, isn’t it? We’re always changing.

  2. Well…it could have made my life easier to know that one day it would have lead to this. Stabbing blindly around in the dark is no one’s idea of a good time. 🙂

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