My Life Is Brilliant

I got this from Redzuan who got it from Chris Pirillo. It’s one of Weird Al’s new songs he put on for us to download and it just so happens, this is a song that’s perfect for dedicating to all the random people who I have been bumping into of late.

  1. People who think they know our lives just because they read our blog or because they heard it from somewhere else.
  2. People who grossly overdo it in order to try and be as successful as someone else who does what they do best.
  3. People who spend too much time trying to nitpick on other people’s lives without having much to show for themselves
  4. People who think they know better because they sit around in coffee shops and have opinions based upon what other people in coffee shops have to say.
  5. People who think that believing in their God gives them the right to justify something that there is actually a law against.
  6. People who constantly kill me for no reason while playing World of Warcraft.

Maybe it’s the stress, maybe it’s that time of the month again, maybe I just need to let it all out from my system before I start stabbing people blindly in the dark. It doesn’t matter. These people annoy me and while there are no actual legal way to deal with them for now, I decided to be civil and dedicate this song which is most obviously written for people like that in mind.

Download “Weird Al” Yankovic – You’re Pitiful

Listen to it, it’ll make me feel much better.

3 thoughts on “My Life Is Brilliant

  1. Pat: I doubt that anyone would want me stabbing them blindly in the dark.

    ChickyBabe: Unfortunately, I tend to like this version of the song better than the original. So much so that it’s now stuck in my head.

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