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After years of blogging I just realised one thing. I’m never ever good at blogging the occassional noodle posts when the occassion calls for it. In fact, the only person I do know who could ever do a noodle post that seemed so interesting on an almost daily basis is Lainie. Mmmm…Lainie. I think she’s cute and adorable despite her insanity…but that’s a different story.

Going back to the point, basically what happened today can only be described in a noodle post sort of way. But since I am very bad at writing noodle posts, I shall condense the day into a summerization…kinda like how the movie version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire feels like.

  1. Woke up early.
  2. Went to Midvalley.
  3. Impressed LRT passengers with Rubiks Cube.
  4. Date with Val.
  5. Ate lunch at Kim Gary’s.
  6. Impressed her with Rubiks Cube.
  7. Walked around Midvalley.
  8. Booed Apple Computers
  9. Watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
  10. Walked around more.
  11. Bought things.
  12. Met Yeepei.
  13. Ate Cantonese noodles.
  14. Went home.
  15. Blogged.

It’s not as boring as it looks, I actually had a lot of fun…especially when it came to booing the Apple Computer shop. It just helps to have a nice bubbly and extremely cute, almost hyperactive, impulsive girl by your side. The possibilities are actually endless to begin with…though my arm and hand still looks like it’s been in a warzone but for the therapeutic qualities that it inspired…it’s pretty much worth the stinging bruise.

Yeah I’m being vague about my day, I told you I’m no good at this noodle post thing. If you want to know more at least go here instead, she described it a little more than me though I think she left a few things out purposely because some things are meant to be kept a secret.

So at the end of it, the day remains a vague mystery. What happened? What did we do? Why is my arm red? Why did I boo the Apple store (though I think many of you know the answer to this already)? What did I think of the movie? What does my girlfriend think about all this?

Let it be said that the day holds qualities in which no one should ever know and no one would know again…at least until the next time it happens. But then…that’s another post isn’t it? But till then, it’s just a day of suspenseful mystery for people who are nosy enough to bother.

6 thoughts on “My Noodle Post For The Day

  1. ahh, this is our story…

    long long time ago, pcboi meets apple girl… lots have passed since then…

    *-snip granny story-*

    anywhos, we planned to meet up, when he gets his butt home, a long long time ago… and today we finally did.

    I was late, aiyah girl ma… met up and we went for lunch, which was amusing, the boi corrected my Chinese. :'( super paiseh, then we took out our toys, me and my t5, which didn’t get much attention cos I was super engrossed watching the boi solve the rubiks cube.

    When lunch was finally done, we went shopping, or rather, I dragged the poor boi around… I think he knows impulsiveness very well now. 😛

    Then on to the movie. It wasn’t what we did today that made today good, but it was the company. it was how easy it was for the two of us to interact, it was how close we already were to each other, it was me biting him yes I bite, hard when he teased me, it was the little things that made this whole date a date.

    It was a good one.

  2. *hrmph!* the phone conversation with me, although short and perhaps uninteresting to you, is so insignificant la!

    i know i’m not nice, bubbly,extremely cute, hyperactive, or impulsive……but………sigh.

    Just kidding 🙂 Suprised you even knew who Yian was.

  3. Ooops, thats why I said, I’m not good at writing noodle posts. Things like this escape me. But of course I know who you are, I commented on your blog before and vice versa.

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