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I know it’s been a few days already and it sounds stupid to keep this up in the light of recent events, but I actually wrote this a few days before and was planning to post it up when I got back from my Sydney conference anyway. No sense wasting a saved post I guess.

So in reponse to Tim Yang’s reply regarding my dugged up can of worms, here is the reply I originally wrote as a comment but then, having it being a little bit too long, I thought I’d turn it into a post and share it all of you because there are some things that all of you might want to hear.

Here goes.

Tim, I may be wrong about this but I think there is a vast difference between blogging philosophy here. You seem to speak of blogging as purely a center of information distribution. Hence you lack presentation on your site because it’s simply not needed and instead focus on XML feeds as your means of distributing such information to the public.

I understand that.

But understand that blogging like all forms of ideas and information evolves to other faces as well. In my case or rather the majority of Malaysian blogs, it isn’t about the distribution of information, but the freedom to express one’s thoughts and emotions – the personal blog.

That itself has a different way and level of “survival” than what you understand and define. At the end of it all…for us at least, our philosophy is based on the will and need to keep expressing those thoughts whether or not there are readership involved. The niche would come naturally. You can’t say for sure whether we will “die” out in the end because we lack the technological plugin to distribute our content via XML. Like how you omit presentation in your blog needfully. Many of us omit XML feeds needfully as well.

We find no strong need for it.

It doesn’t mean we will fade out in the end.

As for the idea part. Ok so you said it was a bad idea. Then I really don’t get what the whole hoohah is about. PPS is for everyone. It utilises Freedom 0. Sure…it isn’t perfect, but everyone who is interested in joining the community can use it what its for. You want something that resembles PPS try Blogs of the Day. That is the closest site that can come to the PPS which applies globally. As always, nothing is perfect and it also has its own issues too. There is a vast amount of blogs out there and to have a centralised database for all of us would be almost impossible given our current situation.

I can’t speak for all bloggers but I can say that at least for me again, the philosophy behind it is that blogs are a reflection of who we are. And as people behind the posts, we seek other people to connect to and share our lives with. PPS has done what was needed to be done in the first place.

Create a community of bloggers.

Live or die, that choice belongs to us.

You can’t fault that for being a bad idea. You can’t fault all of us because we changed the rules of blogging that doesn’t suit your utopia of information distribution. Tim Yang. It’s just that…PPS works. Maybe not to the world you envisioned it to be, but to the world we needed to create here in Malaysia…it works.

Don’t you think it’s time we all moved along from this? At least create something worthwhile again for the world to share if that is what you wish. At least pick up a responsibility to help educate what we don’t know if that’s the way you view us rather than condemning those of us who are left in the dark.

Let not brilliance be wasted on hatred.

Let not ignorance beget its own follies.

9 thoughts on “My Response To Tim Yang…

  1. Interesting points you’ve raised here. Still, it’s not worth dwelling over. Let it lie.

  2. Peter: Thanks…come to think of it. It applies everywhere too…even at this darkest of moments.

    Sotong: I know I know…I just needed to say something that’s all. Hey…at least I’m being civil right?

  3. After perfection there is no where else to go. Imperfection always evolves and becomes better. 🙂

    Agree with Peter, those are words of wisdom.

  4. The only thing that i can make out about tis whole post is Freedom = brand of sanitary napkin/ the furniture company here in Australia.. buaaaaahahahahah :)) BTW, welcome back from Sydney. We shalt have our Dota adventures again

  5. Did I say you were not civil? Calm down.

    Truth is, you took the words out of our mouths. The evolutionary direction of the local blogosphere should be determined naturally by the elements of the system, i.e. us. Who’s to say we wouldn’t mature, or change for the better?

    The fellow’s just upset we’re using his soccer pitch to play hockey (poor analogy, maybe – but sounds good). He’s also saying we should only play soccer, and that it should be played his way. That’s the vibe I’m getting.

  6. Sotong: Ah? No no…you misunderstand me. The sentence was a lighthearted one. I took no offense of any kind. It’s just a way that I say it in…maybe I should have used a smiley there. 🙂

    Some things change and some things don’t. That’s what defined us as both Malaysians and Bloggers at the same time. At the end of it all…no one can say what’s going to happen. We just do out best to keep those that don’t know informed that’s all.

  7. Well said since I am no expert in RSS feed but PPS is doing preety well as it is now. PPS help me have a very small niche readership call friends.Cheers to PPS ) :

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