New Blog New Design

Well…after about 4 days worth of patient configuring and tweaking work. I can say one thing.

Go to this blog and read it.

It may not be much for now, but try glance over the archives and you’ll probably get what I mean when I say for the most part, any hot blooded guy or girl with enjoy a large part of those posts. But what can I say anyway except that she a good friend.

That and of course, part of it was my handywork.

But in any case, I think it’s about time she be officially welcomed into the blogging world despite the fact that she’s been blogging for a long time now. After all, blogging is a community and I like to bring to community to those who matter. It may be a bit late to say this but…

Welcome to the world ma cherie.

Welcome to the wide world of blogging.

7 thoughts on “New Blog New Design

  1. Aww…this is sooo sweet. *muacks* *huggles*

    I really couldn’t have done it without you though. Thank you…!

  2. This is not quite related. For some reason, my Safari crashes everytime I try to get into your blog. What gives, dude? 🙂

  3. Sweetie: No problem at all.

    James: Hmmm…that’s the second time that it’s happened. For the most part as I know, alot of people who ran Safari on my blog seems to be ok. But I’ll look into it. it could be a random Safari bug that you may have. I don’t know.

  4. Something’s not quite right with her site…is there a scroll bar missing? The paragraphs are truncated. Perhaps it’s cos i’m uising IE.

  5. It’s cause you’re using IE. It’s that the themes were designed using W3 standards in mind and IE doesn’t really follow W3 standards.

  6. thank you. strange though, your site displays just fine. i’d use firefox anytime. just that it’s out of my control here.

  7. It’s just the theme though. Different themes have their different looks on different browsers. Maybe if she wants, I’ll mod the theme again.

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