No Black Tie

Some days or rather some nights, you’re faced with a new situation you’ve never been through before that completely changes your perspective of things and raises some pretty good questions.

First up, after years of having absolutely no faith in Malaysian music, I finally realized how much it has grown. I mean, it is good. It is really good. It’s really really good. Of course, I also finally realized why I had no faith in Malaysian music in the first place. With what they are mostly squeezing through the airways, it kinda doubt that it’s the best that they can do.

So the question here is, why can’t the rest of Malaysia wake up and realize how good these artists and put them on air instead of the mainstream music we hear that sound like a bad 80’s rock music rendition? I mean, come on, they are good. Support them. Seriously, SUPPORT THEM!!

Then of course, there was something Shelly said to me after her performance. Everyone has more in common than they think, it’s just that no one realizes it so because no one is willing to express it. Which makes sense when a song comes out and so many people end up thinking how that song is so much like their life. I do that all time, that’s for sure. It also makes sense why a lot of problems are so easily solved when you realize that everyone just goes through the same thing to begin with. I’ll talk about that another time, but anyway…Shelly, seriously…what you played yesterday summed up half life in 3 songs. It’s that hauntingly good.

Finally…the last realization. Lainie wasn’t there. So the obvious question was this. Why didn’t you go?! I also went because I wanted to see you too you know. I may not be a lesbian, but I assure you I’m good company too, sort off, but I’m sure you remember that the first time we met.

That being said, I foresee myself being a little more broke soon enough. Why? Because at the end of it, I think I’ll be going to gigs like this more often…or at least buy their albums anyway. Is it worth it? Well, I’m willing to spend money on it, so yeah…it’s worth it.

5 thoughts on “No Black Tie

  1. welcome to my world of listening to great music by bands who refuse to record a cd 🙂

    anyways, apologies for not being at moonshine, terribly rude of me considering my blog announcing it everywhere – mother had me under house arrest, basically.

    if you’ll be around in february we can go together for that one?

  2. I leave on the 16th basically. If the next Moonshine is held before then, consider me an attendee.

    House arrest ya? Got warrant or not?

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