No Black Tie With Pictures

I promised Albert that I’d post up the pictures from Moonshine a few days back. Well, let’s just say I had way more pictures to post up than I imagined and editing them because of the lighting and size is…tedious at best, plus the fact that I’m pretty beat for today but that’s for tomorrows post to tell. That being said, here are the best photos I could salvage from Moonshine. Enjoy.

No Black Tie from a place so high.

Aminah and Reza Salleh

Reza Salleh

You know this is good stuff when people start packing into the stairs because there was no more places left to sit.

Hah…ini bukan black metal.

Sorry Reza, something else caught our eye.

Hah…ini lagi bukan black metal.

Plush Velvet

Az Az, you da man.

Hentak that guitar siut.

Shelly Leong

Whoa…never seen that before.

Surprise!! Rhapsody on open mike at the end of the show.

6 thoughts on “No Black Tie With Pictures

  1. LOL @ Black Metal.

    It’s a shame that I do not know much about local music scene. Nice pics anyway.

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