Not My Graduation

Six years of primary school.

Five years of secondary school.

One year of South Australian Matriculation.

Three years of Bachelor Degree in Plant Biotechnology.

One year of Honours in Plant Biotechnology.

And this is what you get.

The Joyous Celebration

Alright, that doesn’t really do anyone any justice. This is a much better picture of the occassion.

The Girl of the Day

Congratulations Mel. You made it this far and kicked that much ass in between. I can only but hope to join your ranks this time next year, but for now, this is your day of glory. Time to relish the moment because come next week, well…there is just so much work to do. The world doesn’t change on its own, at least not when we’re lying down taking a nap.

8 thoughts on “Not My Graduation

  1. WHOA! Congratulations!!

    But Ed, my cousin who graduated in Melbourne Uni said they didn’t get to wear the mortar board, but I see Mel wears it.. Hmm..

  2. Well, CSU is no jack in the box second rate University. Not to say that Melbourne U is either, but we’re no pushover. 🙂

  3. Congrats Mel! (doubt she’d want to hear it from someone who calls herself ChickyBabe! :P)
    I love the first photo… I took my teddy bear to my graduation, and he wore the hat better than I did!

  4. Katrina: She’ll appreciate it. 🙂

    ChickyBabe: Haha, in fact she feels kinda flattered that you’d acknowledge her seeing that you and I are blog buddies. 🙂 That’s sweet though…maybe I can bring my penguin to my graduation too. See how it fits as well. 😛

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